Sunday, March 7, 2010


And for something a little different...

Two weeks ago I brought my baby home. This is Zephyr, a sugar glider. This is her on day 1. She hung out like this for a while, and then stayed in that position to eat some gilde-r-chow.

Here, you can see her favorite thing... to the right of the picture, there is a slice of apple. She is so cute when she eats it. You can hear her scooping a bit out, and then a light lip smacking sound.

Her other favorite thing... her play wheel. As you can see, she was kinda hiding in there. She did that for a few days, but not anymore. She's finally comfortable in her home. And see the sticker on the front of the wheel. When I put it in there, I couldn't get the sticker all the way off, so I decided to get it later. The day after I took this, the sticker was gone. She took it off for me. It was balled up in the poo tray. Speaking of the poo tray... she reaches down for the newspaper and rips some of it into little strips.

Here is an close up of my cutie. You can see her hand best in this one. She has four hands that are very similar to human hands. The front hands look like human hands, except her thumb is shortest and her pinky is the longest. Her back hands are a little more like ape hands, where the thumb is set further away.

We've had a lot of fun getting to know each other. She's bitten me four times, but it doesn't really hurt. Her claws, though... I have scratches all over my palm and thumb. I hold her some every day, and she's way more relaxed now then when we started. Then she hangs out in her bonding pouch for a few hours. She seems to like that. We went shopping today, and tomorrow we are going to the grocery store.

The most exciting thing so far was her 45 seconds of freedom. Last night, I opened the door to her cage to put more food inside. I know she gets crazy at night because she's nocturnal, but I didn't realize she'd be that crazy. One look at the open door and she leapt out towards freedom. She ran into the corner, but I caught her. Almost had a heart attack.


Sandy said...

Aww this is so cute ^_^ its great that you and zephyr are bonding. Now I see a title "The Adventures of Zephyr"

Name: Aine said...

Would make a good picture book, right?

L said...

My mom's friend also has sugar gliders and they are sooooooo adorable!

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