Friday, March 26, 2010

Book Review: Story of a Girl

While at the Virginia Festival of the Book, I watched a panel of YA authors. When they were asked what current books were so great, they'd eventually become classics, Laurie Halse Anderson was mentioned (who I love), as was Sara Zarr. Now, I had heard the name before, but hadn't had time to look into it. So while at Borders today, I picked up her three books. STORY OF A GIRL was her first novel and seemed more interesting to me.

And oh... my... goddess... This book was amazing. No wonder it was National Book Award Finalist. I bought the book after reading chapter one, and then I finished it a few hours later. The writing was fantastic. The story was incredible. I can't imagine being in Deanna's situation. It takes a strong will to get through it the way she did. I cried... a lot. It seems a lot of books have been causing tears lately. While I've never been in this situation, the relationship she has with her dad definitely has some similarities with mine. In that it is so bad that avoidance is usually the best we can manage.

This book is too good to be missed. If you like Laurie Halse Anderson and Elizabeth Scott, you'll love Sara Zarr's STORY OF A GIRL.


When she is caught in the backseat of a car with her older brother's best friend - Deanna Lambert's teenage life is changed forever. Struggling to overcome the lasting repercussions and the stifling role of "school slut," she longs to escape a life defined by her past. With subtle grace, complicated wisdom and striking emotion, THE STORY OF A GIRL reminds us of our human capacity for resilience, epiphany and redemption.


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