Sunday, March 7, 2010

Movie Review: Alice in Wonderland

My good friend, Melissa, and I went to see Alice in Wonderland tonight. I had heard mostly good things, but an occassional bad review came up. Not from critics; just people on Fandango. Anyway, the most critical review I had read said that there was too much wandering around in incredible scenery. Umm... this is Alice in Wonderland... it's basically about her wandering around in wonderland on a journey. This isn't quite the same Alice in Wonderland that Disney made in 1951. Alice is all grown up and finds herself back in Wonderland, or as it is really called, Underland.

The scenery was amazing, as were the costumes. Alice had a number of neat fashions, my favorite being the red one. The costumes were amazing. I especially love the mad hatters hat. I know some people who were critical of the costumes and make-up and wouldn't see the movie because the "clown-like make-up" freaked them out. Personally, I thought it was awesome. It's wonderland... they shouldn't look "normal".

Johnny Depp was amazing, as usual. I don't think there are many actors who could pull off this role so well. I overheard a conversation between two young women criticizing the fact that Tim Burton often uses Johnny Depp, Helena Bonham-Carter, and Alan Rickman (as of late). Hey... if it works, it works. I happen to love it. They are three of my favorite actors and one of my favorite directors. Alan Rickman played the caterpillar. He sounded so Snape-like in this film, and I loved that.

As usual, Helena Bonham-Carter stole the show. She is an amazing actress, and was really great in this role. "Off with her head!" The queen's army, the cards, were incredible looking. I just can't gush enough about the visuals in this film.

I really like Anne Hathaway. Ever since "The Princess Diaries" I've been a fan. She played this part so well. The Chesire Cat was fantastic. The blue stripes were fantastic, and we was as fun as always.
Casting did a wonderful job. Some of these actors were so perfect for the roles, you'd have thought they were made for them. I just saw this film a few hours ago, and already I want to go see it again. This is definitely not to be missed. And I highly recommend seeing it in theaters. You won't be able to appreciate the visuals quite as much on a small screen.

The soundtrack, I'm sure, is amazing. There is the main soundtrack, which is the score for the movie. And then there's "Almost Alice" which has songs not in the movie, all by famous singers. The lead song "Alice" by Avril Lavigne is great. It played as the credits rolled, and you've probably heard it on trailers. Again, definitely worth checking out.


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