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Book Review: Dime Store Magic

I absolutely adored Dime Store Magic. While we are still in Kelley Armstrong’s The Women of the Otherworld series, the narrator is no longer Elena. Paige Winterbourne, whom we met in Stolen, gets to take center stage and tell her story. It picks up shortly after Stolen left off. On the first read-through of this book, I had trouble getting into it. I had trouble with Paige, to be honest. I was used to Elena, and Paige had such a different voice. Couple that with the fact that I wasn’t a fan of Paige’s in Stolen.

But once I got into it, I found that Paige is very different than when we saw her through Elena’s eyes. So if you have trouble getting into it, keep going. ;) I found that I had a lot in common with Paige, including a crush on her love-interest, Lucas Cortez. She’s young, but she’s smart and ambitious and strong.

As a pagan, I love reading books about witches, but I also do so with trepidation. I’ve read books that have offended me, and I’ve read others that have some amazingly accurate details. Paige is a witch, a full-blooded supernatural… which is nothing like the pagan religion. However, I have to admit that I was a bit miffed by the scene with the wiccan girls, but I quickly got over it.

Dime Store Magic is a fantastic book. I love the expansion of Kelley’s Otherworld. Look for my review of Industrial Magic coming soon.

Original US cover


Forget the cackling green hag in The Wizard of Oz, forget Samantha from Bewitched. Real witches are nothing, NOTHING like this. For years real witches have hidden their powers, afraid of being persecuted. They have integrated so well into the community, you could have a witch living right next door and never know about it. Take Paige, for instance, whom we first met in Kelley Armstrong’s novel Stolen. Just an ordinary twenty-something who runs her own website design company, worries about her weight and wonders if she’ll ever find a boyfriend. Okay, so she’s leader of the American Coven and guardian of Savannah, the teenage daughter of a black witch. Really, life is ordinary. But then a telekinetic half-demon, Leah O’Donnell, shows up to fight for custody of Savannah. And although Paige is ready for her, she’s not quite so prepared for the team of supernaturals that Leah brings with her, including a powerful sorcerer who claims to be Savannah’s father.

When all hell breaks loose -- literally -- and Paige is accused of witchcraft, Satanism and murder, the Coven, fearing exposure, abandons her. Cut off from her friends, Paige is forced against her better judgment to accept the help of a young sorcerer lawyer. And she quickly comes to realize that keeping Savannah could mean losing everything else.

Breathtakingly thrilling, hip and funny, this new novel is another page-turning triumph from an author who is going from strength to strength.

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Book Review: Stolen

Stolen is book two in The Women of the Otherworld series by Kelley Armstrong. The first book, Bitten, focused on Elena Michaels, the only female werewolf in the only werewolf pack in North America. In this installment, the werewolves learn they aren’t the only supernatural race. First, Paige and her mother, witches, show up. And before long we meet sorcerers, shamans, vampires, half-demons, and more.

The story in this book isn’t my favorite. In fact, Stolen may be my least favorite in the series, story-wise, but I love the inclusion of other supernaturals. Not only did werewolves not know about other supernaturals, but most supernaturals didn’t know there were still werewolves. The cast gets expanded, and many of the new characters are wonderful to see play against the wolves we met in Bitten.

If you enjoy urban fantasy, be sure to check this series out. You won’t be disappointed! It's one of two adult series that I didn't drop. 

New US cover


Elena Michaels is back-and she has company. Lending a mission of vampires, demons, shamans, and witches, Elena is lured into the net of ruthless Internet billionaire Tyrone Winsloe, who is well on his way to amassing a private collection of supernaturals. He plans to harness their powers for himself-even if it means killing them. 

For Elena, kidnapped and imprisoned deep underground, unable to tell her friends from her enemies, choosing the right allies is a matter of life and death.

New Canadian cover

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Breathless Reads Tour

I had such an amazing time at the Breathless Reads Tour where I got to meet: 

My friend, Melissa of Surviving Writing a Book, and I drove the five hours down to North Carolina. Well, I drove. She played on my iPad. And after the 2.5 hours spent at the signing, I drove back.

A couple of interesting things to note. We left at noon and got there just a few minutes before 7:00. We did stop for dinner, but somewhere… we lost time. Beth Revis agreed with Melissa’s theory that we were kidnapped by aliens for a short time. And on the return, I stopped to get gas and a caffeinated beverage (yumm, coca-cola!). It was a sketchy area, where there were bars on all the windows. And I received the strangest compliment… “You smell clean.” I had no idea what to say to that. Haha!

Melissa and I walked into the bookstore pretty much as they were announcing the authors, which means we arrived right on time. All five authors were set up on a panel with two women asking the questions. I’m going to go through the questions and answers that I was able to take notes on.

Why do you write young adult?

All five of them had similar answers which included: loving Coming-of-age stories, that time in life is fascinating, and they can’t imagine writing anything else.

Beth added that adult books are boring. I have some recs for her. Haha!

How is your main character similar to yourself as a teen?

Andrea said that Calla is very different than her, however Calla’s brother has a lot of similarities with Andrea’s brother.

Kirsten said small things slipped in. Small events, details, but nothing major. However, the bad guy in her Kiki Strike series is based on a kid she went to school with and disliked.

Beth’s answer was the funniest. She said that many of the people who died in her book were based on ex students of hers.

Ally said that in Matched, the relationship between Cassia and her grandfather is very similar to her relationship with her own grandfather and also the falling off the treadmill incident came from her.

What is the easiest and hardest part of writing a book with romance?

Beth said that the hardest part was writing the kidding scenes, but the best part is when things blow up!

Ally agreed that the kissing scenes were hard. There are so many first kiss scenes in YA books, and they worry about making theirs the same as all the others. Ally said she loves falling in love with the characters relationship, when she realizes that they’re perfect for each other.

Andrea, on the other hand, loves the kissing scenes. Everyone then said that’s why her scenes are better than most. She said the key is tension. That they need electricity; there needs to be banter, and the characters must be equals.

Kirsten said she her books are equal thriller and romance. She likes that the romance is dangerous, and it’s intriguing to think about women wondering if they’re falling in love with someone who’s trying to kill her.

What is your writing process like?

Andrea said she writes her books completely out of order and then pulls all the scenes together at the end. She said she fails at outlining, and that she needs coffee and music and had a playlist for each book.

Kirsten likes her expresso soda, Manhattan Special and that she writes mostly from beginning to end. But every book of hers has sprung from a scene that just pops into her head. However, that scene may be the beginning, middle, or end.

Brenna said that she, too, jumps around, but it’s a bit more chaotic. She said she’ll skip the middle of a scene, or even leave words out of sentences if she can’t find the right word.

Beth said she has to write everything in order. First sentence first, second sentence second, etc…

What advice would you give to aspiring writers?

Beth says that you need to do new things. Experiences are needed in order to write. Also, don’t take too much advice from one single person.

Brenna says not to be too much of a perfectionist on the first time through. You’ll never get anything done. Note: This is my problem.

Kirsten says to exercise your butt power… the ability to sit on your butt for hours and hours until you write something you like. Sometimes it’s about waiting to find the right words, but you have to sit there and do it. She also says not to let anyone tell you that you can’t do it and to take criticism for what it’s worth.

Andrea says that many authors will tell you to write what you love and write what you know. She says that while she agrees that you have to write the story you need to tell, not something just because you think it’ll be published. She also says to write what you’re passionate about and write about what you’d like to know. She said it’s important to find your own process; to try different ones and see what works best. There’s no one correct way.

Ally says to cut yourself some slack. And keep working at it.

How many books did you write before the one that you got published?

Ally was there for her book, Matched, but that wasn’t her first. She had five published with a small publisher beforehand.

Andrea said she wrote two practice novels that no one besides her family will ever see. But when she was writing Nightshade, she knew it was different and would be published.

Kirsten said she was really lucky. She wrote the first Kiki Strike book for herself. Someone asked her about it, and she gave him what had been written so far. He happened to get sick, so he read it since it was the only reading material around. She said she didn’t think he was actually going to read it. But it got passed on and published.

Brenna said she queried one novel before The Replacement. And there are many other novels she had started but never finished.

Beth said she used to write books while she was in school. She said “I wrote a book, and it sucked. I wrote another book, and it sucked. Then I wrote eight more. They sucked, too. A lot. And then I got Across the Universe published.” (paraphrased)

What genre would you like to write in?

Brenna said she’d like to write an edgy contemporary, but fantasy elements always sneak in.

Andrea would like to write a noire, but thinks it would be very difficult as it’s different than what she writes.

Kirsten said she’d like to write horror. She grew up reading horror, and her first adult book, as a kid, was Amityville. She is also interested in writing a dystopian/noire.

Ally would like to write a “happy book for boys age 7-9” per her son’s request.

What are you currently reading?

Brenna is reading Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins

Beth is reading Blood Magic by Tessa Gratton

Andrea is reading The Windup Girl by Paolo Bacigalupi.

Ally is reading something (I didn’t catch the title) by Kate Morton.

Kirsten is reading The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest by Stieg Larsson and books for research on code breakers in WWII and royal scandals.

What advice would you give to your main character?

Ally says “Trust yourself.”

Brenna says “Stop being self-conscious.”

Beth says “Don’t trust anyone.”

Andrea says “Be more careful.”

Kirsten says “Things are rarely what they seem.”

What are you working on now?

Beth is re-writing her entire second book, A Million Suns, the sequel to Across the Universe. She’s at 30,000 words and needs three times that by Tuesday. *sends good writing thoughts her way*

Brenna is working on The Space Between, a second stand-alone.

Kirsten recently finished All You Desire, the sequel to The Eternal Ones. She is also working on the third Kiki Strike novel.

Andrea said Wolfsbane will be available in July and the third book, Bloodrose, March 2012. She is also working on a fourth for the series, however, it is a prequel set in Scotland, 14th century, I believe. She is also working on a steampunk series.

Ally is working on Crossed, the sequel to Matched.

At this point, the questions are turned over to the audience…

Would you like to have your book turned into movie?

All five of them said yes.

Who would you cast as main character?

Andrea said she has no one for Calla, but she sees Ben Barnes as Ren and Chase Crawford as Shay.

Kirsten likes Emma Stone.  

An audience member as Ally “Did The Giver influence you?”

Ally said probably, but that 1984 was a much bigger influence..

How do you not pull too much from one book?

Inspiration from a lot of different places. But different writers write differently and do different things with ideas.

Brenna said she has a junk shop in head where things are pulled from all over.But she combines things differently.

Nothing new under the sun. The ideas are all very old. Things borrowed and evolved. Don't read in the genre you're writing in. Things that are new are exciting to write.

How do you name your characters?

Andrea said she can't write a character if the name is wrong. She will spend more time on names than writing a chapter. She has a name book that she played with when she was little and loved Majesta when she was a little girl. She said the pack names came from the origins of where they're from.

Kirsten needs a name first. She steals names. She will watch movie credits just to see interesting names. Sometimes hearing a name will cause an entire character to spring to life.

Ally writes first person so names come later and they often change until she gets it right.

Beth just picks names.

Brenna says sometimes a name will come to her, and she uses it even if she doesn’t like it. So she has to adjust to names she doesn't like because if she changes a name it changes who the character is.

How much say did you have in your cover art?

Everyone said none… The most they’d get is a suggestion.

In case you didn’t know, Across the Universe has a reversible cover with the ships blueprints on the inside. Beth said that she was asked about blueprints, and she responded that she had already drew a little diagram. She said she made a circle to make a ship… because that should be aerodynamic. Haha! When asked about the outside of the ship, she said “I don’t know; they're on the inside of the ship.”

The event was a lot of fun, and there were a lot of laughs. These ladies are smart, funny, and just absolutely fantastic. I wish we had had more time to spend with them. This is one of the best author events I have ever been to.

After the panel, I got to get each book signed. So I got my place and line, and was chatting with the girls standing in line around me. As with most YA author events I’ve been to recently, there have been few teens. Mostly it’s women in their 20’s and 30’s. There was a raffle, and everyone had a chance to put their names in. There were five winners, and five prizes. They called the first two names. The third name was a girl who was a few people ahead of me in line. The fourth name was the girl behind her. I found out later that they had come together, so it was really funny they had both won. And I commented that the area we had in line was good luck. So I bent down to put my booksmarks in my rolling bookbag, and they called the fifth name. They said “Andrea”. My ears perked up because that’s my name. But… I hadn’t put my name in. Then… they called my last name. I said “Oh, hey… that’s me.” The guy behind me said “Are you serious?” So, apparently, the space in line was good luck. So… how did my name get in there? Thanks to Melissa! I got the last book as I was the last name called. It was The Eternal Ones. But I already have it so I’m giving it to you! Well... to one of you who managed to read all the way to the end. ;)

Contest Closed! How do you enter?

1. You must be at least 13.
2. You must have a US mailing address. If you don’t, but you know someone who does, see if they’ll send it to you. ;)
3. You must follow this blog and Melissa’s.
4. Fill out this form. Ends 2/28/11.

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500 Follower Winners!

You guys are so great! I hosted my 500 follower contest and am currently at 639 followers. Welcome to all of my new followers and thanks to everyone who participated in the giveaway and helped to promote it.

Since we crossed the 600 follower mark, two books are being given away. First… Matched goes to Liz @ Things Liz Loves. Congrats!

My second winner is Minas, who chose Across the Universe. Congrats!

I’ll be back next weekend to post a recap and pictures of the event. Anyone coming to Raleigh for the Breathless Reads Tour, I’ll be the one with a huge stack of books in a bag covered in swag buttons. Please come say “Hi!”

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Book Review: Once Was Lost

I read Story of a Girl, Sara Zarr’s debut novel, last year. And then I read Sweethearts since I enjoyed her first novel so much. So I was very excited to get my hands on Once Was Lost. I didn’t love it as much as Story of a Girl, but enjoyed it much more than Sweethearts.

Samara (aka Sam) is the protagonist in this book. There were times when I was frustrated with her, but I remember feeling very much like her when I was a teen. I was on the verge of tears through much of the book. (Although, I have to say that, I felt like that with Sweethearts, too. I couldn’t hold back the tears with Story of a Girl.) My life was much different. However, similarities were close enough that I felt close to her.

Sam’s mom was in rehab at the start of the book after receiving a DUI. My mom got sick when I was 10 and spent much time in the hospital. Even when she was at home, often she’d be in her room, sleeping, which was what she needed, but I felt like I didn’t get to see her enough. She passed away a few years ago. Reading about how much Sam wanted her mom felt very close to home. Sam’s dad is a pastor. Everyone loves him. While my dad is atheist, he’s a very charismatic person and most everyone enjoys his company. But much like Sam’s dad, he’s different in the home than out of it. And he’s never around for his family. Another thing Sam and I had in common was the issue with faith. I was raised Christian, and I started doubting and questioning in my mid teen years. Perhaps the reasons I questioned were the same reasons she did.

I absolutely love Sara Zarr’s books and her writing style. The story feels so real that I think most everyone can relate to one aspect or another. There are funny parts, sad parts, and everywhere in between. I think she is one writer whose books will be around a long time. Like Forever… by Judy Blume. No matter how much time passes, the stories will be relatable.


Samara Taylor used to believe in miracles. She used to believe in a lot of things. 

When your father's a pastor, it's hard not to buy in to the idea of the perfect family, a loving God, and amazing grace. But lately, Sam has a lot of reasons to doubt. Her mother lands in rehab after a DUI and her father seems more interested in his congregation than his family. When a young girl in her small town is kidnapped, the local tragedy overlaps with Sam's personal one, and the already worn thread of faith holding her together begins to unravel. 

In her third novel, acclaimed author Sara Zarr examines the coexistence of affliction and hope, and what happens when everything you thought you believed--about God, your family, and yourself--is transformed.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Book Review: Fragile Eternity

Fragile Eternity by Melissa Marr is ranked at the bottom of the Wicked Lovely books, but it is still an amazing installment. I think that really says something about the series and Melissa as an author… when you can still love the one you like the least.

This book goes back to the Summer and Winter Courts and the protagonists from Wicked Lovely. Ash still loves Seth, but is drawn to Keenan. And then there’s Donia who has been in love with Keenan for a long time. The story grows more complex as new obstacles are thrown in the way.

The most exciting thing about this book, though, is the new court. The High Court. Not new as in newly formed, but new to the series. The High Court is run by Sorcha, one of the first faeries, and right now they live in Faerie. So not only do we get to meet new characters, but we get to see an entire new world.

I'm really enjoying re-reading this series! Don’t forget to check out this entire amazing series: Wicked Lovely, Ink Exchange, Fragile Eternity, Radiant Shadows, and Darkest Mercy. And while you’re at it be sure to read the manga trilogy and “Stopping Time” and “Old Habits”, short stories set in the Wicked Lovely world.

US Cover


Seth wants to be with Aislinn forever. Forever takes on new meaning, though, when your girlfriend is an immortal faery queen.

Keenan stole Aislinn's mortality to make her a monarch. Now she faces challenges and enticements beyond any she'd ever imagined.

In Melissa Marr's third mesmerizing tale of Faerie, Seth and Aislinn struggle to stay true to themselves and to each other in a milieu of shadowy rules and shifting allegiances, where old friends become new enemies and one wrong move could plunge the Earth into chaos.

US  Hardback (under the dustjacket)

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Guest Post: Lauren Kreitzer

Hello Literary-Folk!

My name is Laura Kreitzer, and I’m the author of the Timeless Series and the Summer Chronicles. This week I would like to alert everyone on a colossal crisis that’s gone unnoticed in the world: human trafficking. That’s why I’ve asked hundreds of blogs to be involved with spreading the word on this issue that’s become close to my heart.

As an author, and someone whose life is put in the spotlight, I keep most people at a distance. Only a handful of my friends know the whole me and the events from my past. But this week I’d like to share with you a part of myself that the outside world doesn’t see (and a part of me I don’t like to share). I was emotionally abused for five years by someone I thought loved me, my mind beaten into submission. Though the turmoil I went through doesn’t penetrate as deep as someone forced into slavery on the worldwide market for human trafficking, I can sadly relate in some ways: imprisoned, my life dictated down to what I wore, ate, where I went, whom I spoke to, where I worked, when I slept, bending to his every whim. He did not sway, even when I cried through some of the more traumatic things he had me do. I was a slave in my own home. In my desperation for freedom, I held out a gun and asked him to just end my suffering. I was desperate.

I can’t even imagine how many women (and men) in the world are in a similar situation. What’s even worse, I had it mild compared to the children that are sold for labor or sex. Surprisingly, the good ol’ U.S.A. is reported to be the host to two million slaves. Did you know this? Because I certainly did not; not until I was preparing to write my newest novel: Phantom Universe. The main character, Summer Waverly, was stolen as a child and sold as a slave to the captain of a modern-day pirate ship. From a loved child who only knew “time-out” as punishment, to being whipped into silence was something I knew nothing about. So I researched deeply into human trafficking and the psychological effects of torture of various types that one would endure in these circumstances. I felt shaken at my findings and knew I had to tell Summer’s story. (Read a sneak peek here.)

A storm began to brew in my mind; transforming, morphing, twisting, and expanding into this massive, black cloud. I had to bring this tragic atrocity to the forefront. My own emotional experiences, mixed with the research I did on human trafficking, made me feel an intense connection with Summer, and to all women who’ve been through this kind of brutality. The cloud ruptured and rained all over my computer one day. It took one month to write Phantom Universe, the first in the Summer Chronicles. I was so consumed by the story that I wrote nearly nonstop, only breaking for necessary tasks like eating, showering, and occasionally—very occasionally—sleeping.

Though the book I’ve written would be classified as Science Fiction, or as I’d like to call it, Dystopian, the emotions and psychological aspects are not Science Fiction—they're real. Reviewers have said many amazing things about Summer, this character who is so real in my mind and who I cried along with as the words poured from my soul onto my screen.
“I admired Summer's strength and ability to adapt,” says CiCi’s Theories. “I felt tied to her emotions,” Jennifer Murgia, author or Angel Star admits. And Tahlia Newland, author of Lethal Inheritance, remarks, “Summer is strong and smart in mind [. . .]”

Through her overwhelmingly horrendous past, Summer goes on more than just a physical journey in Phantom Universe, she goes on a psychological one as well; growing beyond her mute state to persevere and survive in a new world beyond the whip she’s so frightened of.

Now that the release date is here, I’m excited and terrified to share this story with everyone. I’m emotionally tied in every way to the words I’ve written, because they’re more than words. More than just a story on a page. Beyond the fictional aspects, there’s a real issue that needs to be addressed: human trafficking must be stopped. We shouldn’t sit idly by while this continues to plague us. Our world’s children—our nation’s children—are being affected. It’s time we take action!

Earlier this month Phantom Universe hit Barnes and Noble’s top 100 Best Selling list. I’ve decided to donate 10% of my sales from Phantom Universe, until the end of February, to the DNA Foundation.
“DNA hopes to help abolish modern day slavery, deter perpetrators, and free the many innocent and exploited victims. We are committed to forcing sex slavery out of the shadows and into the spotlight.

Freedom is a basic human right and slavery is one of the greatest threats to that freedom. No one has the right to enslave another person.”

—From DNA Foundation’s Website

I ask that you spread the word to everyone you know. Look around on the DNA Foundation website and find a way to get involved in ending human trafficking. Take action today. Everyone has a voice—you have a voice. Will you have the courage to use it?

Book Review: Ink Exchange

Ink Exchange by Melissa Marr is the second book in the Wicked Lovely series. It’s more of a companion than a sequel. While Aislinn, Keenan, Seth, and other characters from Wicked Lovely are present, they are in the background while the Dark Court steps front stage.

We get to learn a lot about Leslie, who we met in Wicked Lovely. However, we met her through Aislinn’s eyes, so not everything about her is as we thought. She has a painful background, and in this book, her life doesn’t get easier. She is pulled into the world of the faeries, to the Dark Court. The Dark Court is the court of shadows and nightmares, pleasure and pain, where faeries feed on emotion. And the Dark King needs humans to help feed his court.

Leslie feels safe in Pins and Needles, with tattoo artist – and halfling – Rabbit. But using the blood and tears of the Dark Court, Rabbit binds Leslie to the Dark King, changing Leslie’s life forever.

I’ve heard many people say they weren’t going to read this book because the main characters change. Don’t let that stop you from reading it. I loved Wicked Lovely, but I loved Ink Exchange more. I didn’t think that was possible. The story is dark and compelling, amazing and powerful… and possibly my favorite of the five.

US Cover


Unbeknownst to mortals, a power struggle is unfolding in a world of shadows and danger. After centuries of stability, the balance among the Faery Courts has altered, and Irial, ruler of the Dark Court, is battling to hold his rebellious and newly vulnerable fey together. If he fails, bloodshed and brutality will follow.

Seventeen-year-old Leslie knows nothing of faeries or their intrigues. When she is attracted to an eerily beautiful tattoo of eyes and wings, all she knows is that she has to have it, convinced it is a tangible symbol of changes she desperately craves for her own life.

The tattoo does bring changes—not the kind Leslie has dreamed of, but sinister, compelling changes that are more than symbolic. Those changes will bind Leslie and Irial together, drawing Leslie deeper and deeper into the faery world, unable to resist its allures, and helpless to withstand its perils. . . .

 UK Cover

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Book Review: Bitten

I first read Bitten by Kelley Armstrong back in 2003 when only Bitten and Stolen were available. It caught my eye as I was browsing, and I picked up both titles. I had graduated from high school only a few years earlier and, unfortunately, due to my busy schedule I hadn't had time for reading for pleasure. Everything I had read for years was for school, and I fell out of love with reading.

I devoured this book in only a few days. It starts off kind of slow, but once Elena is thrown back into life with the pack, it really takes off. She is the only female in a world full of men. As far as they know, no other female werewolves exist. Clayton was her mate until she left the pack years ago, to try to live a normal life. But once back with them she can’t ignore Clay. Personally, I’m not a fan of Clay… at all. But the rest of the pack is great.

New US Cover

One thing I love about Bitten is that it was new and different at the time that I first read it. The main character was a normal woman who happened to be a werewolf. She isn’t a blood-thirsty, killing animal, as was the previous norm. Also, it doesn’t pick up when she was bitten… it’s ten or so years down the road. More and more books are being written in the urban fantasy genre that follows those rules, too.

Kelley weaves the paranormal with mystery in a way that constantly leaves you guessing. I know I’ve said it in other reviews, but I’m going to say it again… I love when books leave my guessing what’s going to happen next. I seem to forget the point of reading when I figure out the end in the beginning.

The Women of the Otherworld is one of my favorite series, and in anticipation of book 12 that will be available this summer, I’m re-reading the entire series. If you haven’t picked these up, do it quick! And for those of you who weren't familiar with the series before, the entire series has just been or is in the process of being re-jacketed. (I think the US and UK are still being released, but Canada is done. ;) ) This wonderful book helped me remember why I loved reading. And I can’t thank Kelley enough for that. I'm off to read Stolen.

New UK Cover


Elena Michaels seems like the typically strong and sexy modern woman, She lives with her architect boyfriend, writes for a popular newspaper, and works out at the gym. She's also a werewolf. 

Elena has done all she can to assimilate to the human world, but the man whose bite changed her existence forever, and his legacy, continue to haunt her. Thrown into a desperate war for survival that tests her allegiance to a secret clan of werewolves, Elena must recon with who, and what, she is in this passionate, page-turning novel.

New Canadian Cover