Friday, August 12, 2011

Book Review: Troll Mill

Fifteen-year-old Peer Ulfsson is haunted by his past. Forced to live with his evil uncles under the eerie shadows of Troll Fell, he nearly fell prey to their plan to sell children to the trolls. Now Peer lives with his friend Hilde's family, but can he ever truly belong? And will Hilde ever share his deeper feelings?

One rainy night, Peer watches in shock as his neighbor Kersten pushes her baby daughter into his arms and then disappears into the sea. Rumor says that Kersten is a seal woman who has returned to her ocean home, and the millpond witch, Granny Green-teeth, seems intent on taking the "seal baby." Peer also discovers that the mill, abandoned when his uncles joined the troll kingdom, is running again — all on its own?

With angry trolls, mysterious seal people, a mischievous house spirit, and three unusual babies in the mix, Peer and Hilde have their hands full and more! Katherine Langrish returns to the magical world of her acclaimed debut, troll fell, in this second story set in an extraordinary land by the sea filled with Viking legends and lore.

Troll Mill is Katherine Langrish's sequel to Troll Fell. When we last left Peer and Hilde, they had rescued the twins from the horrible trolls. And Peer's uncles became trolls themselves. No surprise. They certainly have the personality for it.

Peer has moved into Hilde's home. While this is the closest thing he's ever had to a family, he's not sure he fits in. His growing attraction to Hilde only goes one way, much to his disappointment.

Kersten, a neighbor, is rumored to be a seal woman. A selchie. And one evening she passes her newborn daughter to Peer before leaping back into the ocean. Granny Greenteeth who lives in the pond at Peer's uncles' mill wants the "seal baby". And the Nis is sure terrible things will happen if the family keeps her.

We return to this world of Viking lore with further adventures of Peer and his would-be love Hilde. I rooted for them even more in this novel. But Hilde just can't see what's right on front of her. Peer went through a complete transformation, no longer a scared and abused little boy. He's more grown and mature, and he wants to be the kind if man girls like Hilde dream of.

I enjoyed Troll Mill even more than Troll Fell. It was faster-paced, as we're already familiar with this world. Characters I fell in love with are back and better than ever. And it left me dying to read Troll Blood, the conclusion to this series.


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