Monday, August 8, 2011

Book Review: Broken

Meet the smart, sexy — supernatural — women of the otherworld.

In this thrilling new novel from Kelley Armstrong, a pregnant werewolf may have unwittingly unleashed Jack the Ripper on twenty-first-century—and become his next target.

Ever since she discovered she’s pregnant, Elena Michaels has been on edge. After all, she’s never heard of another living female werewolf, let alone one who’s given birth. But thankfully, her expertise is needed to retrieve a stolen letter allegedly written by Jack the Ripper. As a distraction, the job seems simple enough—only the letter contains a portal to Victorian London’s underworld, which Elena inadvertently triggers—unleashing a vicious killer and a pair of zombie thugs.

Now Elena must find a way to seal the portal before the unwelcome visitors get what they’re looking for—which, for some unknown reason, is Elena.

Kelley Armstrong's Broken is my favorite Elena novel out of the four. She and Clayton are expecting twins, and life is anything but normal. Elena accidentally opens a portal by activating a spell on a letter written by Jack the Ripper. "Kill a bug, launch the apocalypse."

Granddaddy-to-be, Jeremy Danvers and fellow pack members, Antonio and Nick Sorrentino join them on their Toronto adventure. Diseased rats, zombies, the plague... when the portal was opened, it brought along with it issues from Victorian London. The last time a portal was opened (in Industrial Magic) Paige and Lucas called Jaime. So the pack calls in our favorite necro, Jaime Vegas. She shows up, without a moment's hesitation to aide the pack. Mostly because of her seemingly hopeless crush on the smexy alpha.

With a vow to not be possessed or kidnapped this time, the pack accepts her help. Together they work to close the portal and restore Toronto to normal. Along the way we meet Zoe Takano, hot Asian vamp and her friend Tee... an insane necromancer, which forces Jaime to literally face her worst fear, the fate of most necros... madness.

Elena's pregnancy professes faster than normal, due to her being a werewolf, Clay is injured by a decomposing zombie, and Jeremy and Jaime grow closer. But can they stop an evil sorcerer and close the portal before Toronto is destroyed?

Another exciting installment of The Women of the Otherworld. Be sure to check out this amazing series!


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