Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Book Review: Personal Demon

Meet the smart, sexy — supernatural — women of the otherworld.

Tabloid reporter Hope Adams appears to live the life of an ordinary working girl. But in addition to possessing the beauty of a Bolly-wood princess, Hope has other unique traits. For she is a half demon- a human fathered by a demon. And she's inherited not only a gift for seeing the past but a hunter for chaos- along with a talent for finding it wherever she can. Naturally, when she's chosen by a very dangerous group for a very dangerous mission, she jumps at the chance...

The head of the powerful Cortez Cabal- a family that makes the mob look like amateurs- has a little problem in Miami: a gang of wealthy, bored offspring of supernaturals is getting out of hand, and Hope is needed to infiltrate them. As spells, astral projections, and pheromones soar across South Beach, Hope weaves her way through its elite hot spots, posing as upscale eye candy and reading the auras of the clientele- and potential marks.

Hope, the narrator for Personal Demon by Kelley Armstrong, is our newest addition to the Otherworld. She was originally introduced in “Chaotic” a novella in Dates from Hell, and then reintroduced in No Humans Involved. She’s a twenty-something chaos demon. She has a talent for finding chaos, and once she does she is taken by visions. Visions of murder, rape, abuse… and she enjoys them. It comes with being Lucifer’s daughter.

She is recruited by the Cortez cabal, by Benicio himself, to infiltrate a group of supernaturals. Hope is not our only narrator. For the first time in this series, we get two narrators, and the second is male. Lucas Cortez! My favorite guy in the series. And through him we get to see a bit more into the world of cabals. Story wise, I have to say this wasn’t my favorite. Hope is my least favorite woman of the Otherworld, so this one probably ranks in last. That being said, it’s still a fun installment and should not be missed. 


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