Saturday, August 13, 2011

Book Review: Troll Blood

The dramatic and gripping conclusion to Katherine Langrish's highly-acclaimed TROLL trilogy. When seafaring traders, Gunnar, and his sword-wielding son, Harald Silkenhair, land in Trollsvik, looking for crew to join their journey to Vinland (North America), Hilde is desperate to join the ship. She begs her parents to let her go as Gunnar's wife Astrid's companion, and when Peer agrees to go and look after her, her parents reluctantly agree. But Gunnar and Harald are dangerous men. Harald has killed a man, and Gunnar has been cursed and is losing his wits in fear that the dead man's ghost is following him. Harald has an uncontrollable, raging temper, and a perilous rivalry develops between he and Peer. By the time they finally reach the shores of Vinland, the settlement is looking less of an attractive proposition. And that's before they meet the "Skraelings" (the Native American people) and the terrifying Jenu -- the cannibal giant with a heart of ice! Action-packed, suspense-fuelled and with a wonderful cast of characters, Troll Blood is a truly rip-roaring read.

Troll Blood is - sadly - the conclusion of the Troll trilogy by Katherine Langrish. Hilde is offered the chance to sail across the ocean. After much begging and Peer's offer to go with and look after her, her parents agree. And soon they are off, sailing on a Viking ship.

Gunnar and Harald, who lead the crew, are dangerous men. Harald is a killer, and Gunnar is losing his mind, fearing a ghost is after them. And when a rivalry erupts between Harald and Peer, things only continue to grow worse.

This book is even more action-packed than the previous two. That being said, it's my least favorite of the three. That seems to be the odd opinion. I love Peer even more. Both he and Hilde are more grown in this novel. And I rooted for this couple even more. But I can't tell you if Hilde realized how wonderful Peer is or not. You'll have to read it for yourself.

Unfortunately, these books aren't on print in the US currently. So you'll have to either scour used book stores or order the omnibus from the UK. It's titled West of the Moon. Trust me, it's worth the extra shipping charge.

And be sure to check out Katherine Langrish's blog, Seven Miles of Steel Thistles. Her Fairytale Reflections series is fantastic.


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