Sunday, August 28, 2011

Book Review: Elphame's Choice

I was marked from birth as belonging to the Goddess Epona--but that didn't make my life easy.

Because of my "blessings," I was set apart, worshipped, unable to make real connections with others. Then came the Feeling, and with it a glimpse of my destiny. It led me to the MacCallen castle of legend, deserted since the terrible Fomorian war.

I followed the wordless call to breathe new life into a place long dead, but I didn't realize there were dark remnants of the war lingering in the nearby forest--victims and survivors who remained hidden. Others marked as different, powerful. Feared.

My choice was now twofold. I could keep to the happiness and safety of my newfound home, or I could choose a path that led to something more terrible, more dangerous, more thrilling than anything I'd ever expected.

And in that future I might never be alone again. . .

I read Elphame's Choice by PC Cast for the first time about six years ago. It was the fourth book I had read by her and my favorite of those four. Elphame is marked by the goddess Epona. And her mother before her was also marked. Her father a shape-shifting, shaman, centaur. Being half human/half centaur, she resembles a satyr. Being touched by her goddess, she is worshiped by all in her land. She lives in the world of Partholon, a mix of Grecian and Celtic mythology. This is the world of Partholon over a hundred years after the events in Divine by Mistake, Divine by Choice, and Divine by Blood.

Elphame sets off on a journey, which takes her to MacCallen Castle where part of the Fomorian war took place (in the Divine trilogy). The castle was destroyed in this war against the Fomorians, a group of bloodthirsty creatures (kind of a mix between vampire and gargoyle). So Elphame and her group work at restoring the castle to it's former beauty. She befriends the centaur Brighid and a healer named Brenna. I enjoyed all three of these characters and their friendship.

Elphame's brother, Cuchulainn, has a premonition that she will find her life mate while on this mission. She meets Lochlan, a half human/half Fomorian, and falls for him. Can Partholon accept this race of New Fomorians after what the Fomorians did a century earlier? I really enjoyed Elphame and Lochlan's romance, and even more than that I enjoyed Cuchulainn and Brenna.

When I read this book, it was published by Luna and placed in the adult sci-fi/fantasy section in stores. Since then, with the success of The House of Night books, it has been re-published by Harlequin Teen and placed in YA... without any editing. It surprised me as there were a few rather spicy scenes, and it's definitely not for the younger teen crowd. If you enjoy fantasy, be sure to check this one out!


Beverly said...

I read both these books in the last few months. I enjoyed them both and hope for more, but agree that they are a little much for the YA scene.

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