Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Graphic Novel Review: Scott Pilgrim 4-6

Spoilers... sorry... but not many.

In previous episodes of Scott Pilgrim, he refers to Ramona's exes, her evil ex boyfriends. Ramona corrects him by saying "evil exes". Now we know why. We meet Roxie, Ramona's ex girlfriend. "It was a phase." This results in a problem. How can Scott hit a girl when he's such a gentleman?


That's right, folks! Put down the video game controller! Skip that rehearsal for your band! Make whatever sacrifices you must to those comic gods you hold so dear! Just make sure you're ready because Bryan Lee O'Malley and Scott Pilgrim are back! Well, a couple months have passed since the last time we caught up with our intrepid hero, but what can change in a few short months? Well, not much has... Scott's still living with his roommate Wallace Wells. He's still playing in a mediocre rock band named Sex Bob-omb. And most importantly, he's still dating the lovely Ramona Flowers while working his way through the gaggle of superpowered, superstylish, superevil ex-boyfriends determined to take him down. But something is different. Don't look now, but Scott Pilgrim may actually be getting it together. And it's a good thing, too, because Scott is about to confront Ramona's most intimidating ex yet!


Since book 1, Ramona has said she has "six or seven exes". This is why. She dated twins... at the same time. So I guess she isn't as perfect as Scott thinks. But he's still the girl for him, so he fights them at the same time. He says that's "unfair", but... he has to do it.

The smaller storylines involving Scott's friends continue to grow. Kim, Stephen Stills, and Wallace (Scott's gay roommate) help make the story great.


Scott Pilgrim just turned 24, and things couldn't possibly be better! This means things are about to get infinitely worse. Suddenly, TWO of Ramona's evil ex-boyfriends are in town, and they're playing dirty. His band is in turmoil, and his own exes aren't making things any easier. And what's up with Ramona, anyway? She's been acting kinda weird ever since they moved in together. It's the SECOND LAST VOLUME of SCOTT PILGRIM: Scott's precious little life is coming back around to bite him in the butt, and it may not be pretty!


The final, and longest, book in the Scott Pilgrim series, is where Gideon comes in. Gideon, the evil ex that Scott is the most afraid of. But he loves Ramona way too much to not fight. I can't tell you how much I loved this series. I'm sad that it's over, but I hope that Bryan Lee O'Malley continues to write. I'll definitely read his next series.


It's finally here! Six years and almost 1000 pages have all led to this epic finale! With six of Ramona's seven evil exes dispatched, it should be time for Scott Pilgrim to face Gideon Graves, the biggest and baddest of her former beaus. But didn't Ramona take off at the end of Book 5? Shouldn't that let Scott off the hook? Maybe it should, maybe it shouldn't, but one thing is for certain all of this has been building to Scott Pilgrim's Finest Hour! The sixth and final volume to indie comics most influential series in the last decade!


And if you need another recommendation to pick up these books, Joss Whedon has blurbed some of them.


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Hmm I might read these in the future I'm just not in the mood for funny at the moment.

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This sounds cute. I've seen them in the store but honestly Manga never interested me...I just might check this out - they look fun and easy to read for my first dabble into the genre.

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