Sunday, August 1, 2010

150 Followers Contest (and ARC winners)

Contest Closed. Winners posted here.

I have just tonight reached 150 followers. Woot! I am so excited. Now, I can give away two books that I've been holding onto for just the right time: THE HUNGER GAMES and CATCHING FIRE. In addition to these two books, I have mockingjay pins, keychains and more. One winner will get books, and three others will get pins!

This contest is open to US only. You must be a follower of my blog. Please leave a way for me to contact you. Email, Twitter name... either works. Contest open until August 24, 10:00 PM EST.

Want extra entries?

+5 blog post about giveaway
+3 post in blog sidebar
+4 follow on Twitter (@AineFey)
+2 per tweet up to five
+1 for being Rather Lovely (username)

Must lease username or link to receive the extra points.

An added bonus... though I can't make any promises... I'm planning on meeting the fabulous Suzanne Collins this September at the DC Book Festival. If you win and would like your books signed (and personalized), I will do my best. However, you'll have to wait about a month after the contest ends to get them. It's completely up to you.

If I can reach 200 followers by August 24, I'll also give away MOCKINGJAY.

And now for the winners of my last contest. ARCs will go to: donnas, kimscarecrow, Crazy for words, and Alia. I'll be sending out emails tonight. Congrats to all!


Unknown said...

Awesome contest! Thanks :)

+4 follow on Twitter (@_elizabethjoy)

swordsforfighting at yahoo dot com

AllTheWiser said...

Congrats on 150!
Here's to 1,500 more.

AllTheWiser said...

Following you on twitter

AllTheWiser said...

tweeted here

DforDarla said...

Awesome contest! Thanks for the giveaway!

+3 post in blog sidebar
+2 tweet
+1 for being Rather Lovely
+4 follow on twitter (@DforDarla)

total: 10

Catch My Words said...

Count me in, and I'll take extra points for:

+1 posting here (regular entry)

+1 Being lovely

+3 side post on blog

+4 Twitter follower

+2 Retweet Joyce_Lansky

Total = +11 (Everyone seems to forget the non-extra point when adding these up).

anthy said...

Congrats on 150 followers! And thank you very much for the giveaway. :-)

+1 for following!
+3 post in blog sidebar, here (beneath "Other Great Links & Contests"):
+4 follow on twitter, @my_twitraccount
+2 tweet!
Total = 10

It sounds as though "Rather Lovely" is a specific person, so no point for that, right?

I will come back here later to add more tweets! And maybe a blog post when I've more time.

One request: I already own The Hunger Games and Catching Fire, so it'd be a waste to give them to me. If I'm lucky enough to win, may I request one of the mockingjay pins? I saw a picture of one on another blog, and they are SO pretty. :-)

Here's my contact email: anthy_stl [ATT] yahoo [DOTT] com

Thank you again!

Name: Aine said...


If you win, you can just have a pen, and if I get high enough, you can request just the MOCKINGJAY book. Winners always have the option of passing on something or the entire contest. So no worries.

Re: Rather Lovely

If you know what it is, you know what it is. If you don't, then no point. It's something special I do for members of a specific group. :)

Read for your future! said...

+1 lovely
+2 tweeting @Lora1967
+4 following on twitter @Lora1967
total 7

Mandy IReadIndie said...

Yay for the contest!!! Congrats on 150 plus followers! I would so love to win!!
(+4)I follow you on twitter (@twimom101)
(+2) I tweeted (
(+4 total) or @twimom101

anthy said...

Okay, thank you! I wasn't sure.

Here's another tweet:

anthy_stl [ATT] yahoo [DOTT] com

Heather said...

I've heard great things about these books!!
+3 post in blog sidebar
+4 follow on Twitter @bibliophileprds
+2 tweet:
+1 for being Rather Lovely

Unknown said...

Congrats on your followers!

+4 follow on Twitter (@intensewhisper)
+2 tweeted:

robin [at] intensewhisper [dot] com

Lesley said...

+3 post in blog sidebar (
+4 follow on Twitter (@yabreviewed)

anthy said...

+2 for another tweet:

anthy_stl [ATT] yahoo [DOTT] com

Beverly said...

Thanks for hosting - please enter me. I am an old follower.

Bookish in a Box said...

Wow, what a great giveaway! I haven't had a chance to read these yet, and I'd love to. Thanks for the chance!

whatinabox at gmail dot com

+5 Blog post:
+3 Sidebar:
+4 Twitter follower @bookishinabox
+2 Tweet:

Seleste deLaney/Julie Particka said...

I want in! Well, sort of. I already have the first two books, but I want in for pins and Mockingjay!

+1 comment
+1 for being rather lovely and following your blog :)
+4 Twitter follower (@Selestial)
+2 Tweet

Erika Powell said...

awesome contest
I am a follower
I follow on twitter (@erika_lynn_c)
and i tweeted here


anthy said...

+2 for another tweet:

anthy_stl [ATT] yahoo [DOTT] com

throuthehaze said...

Great contest!

+4 I follow on twitter @throuthehaze

throuthehaze at gmail dot com

anthy said...

And +2 for one final tweet!

Thank you again for hosting this giveaway. :-)

anthy_stl [ATT] yahoo [DOTT] com

Lollirot said...

I really want to read these!
+3 Post in blog sidebar:
+1 Rather Lovely (vampirekitty)

Elise said...

I follow. Thanks.
caliblue7 at gmail dot com

Jordyn said...

Gaahhhhhh want want WWWAAAANT.

I follow.
+4 follow you on twitter (@jordynface)
+2 tweet on twitter:

tencentnotes[at] <<<email

Jennifer Mathis said...

great contest please enter me I'm anew follower

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the follower! And thank you for this amazing giveaway !

+4 Twitter Follower (@DreamBelieve3)
+2 Tweet

Total: 6

Thanks again !


latishajean said...

Great giveaway thank you so much and Congrats on the follower too :)

+1 comment
+1 for being rather lovely
+4 Twitter follower/latishajean
+2 Tweet too

Unknown said...

Congrats on the followers!
I'm a follower.
+1 comment
+3 sidebar post
+4 twitter follower @mbreakfield
+2 tweeted
Total= 10

mizzlizzbeck said...

I freaking love this series! Awesome giveaway!

+1 for comment
+4 Twitter follower (@mizzlizzbeck)
+2 tweet:
+5 Blog post:

Thanks again, and keep up the good work on the blog!

Unknown said...

Congrats and thank you!


Anonymous said...

Ooh, count me in!

andrea b said...

I'm a follower (as "andrea b")
+4 follow on Twitter (I'm @andreadbc)
+2 tweet

email:: brigneti(at)gmail(dot)com

thanks for the giveaway!

Crazy for words said...

Hopefully I win so everyone can stop gasping at me when I say I've never read HG. ^_^

+4 follow on Twitter (@sillylilmegan)
+2 per tweet up to five ("
+1 for being Rather Lovely (TheGabrielle)

Sandy said...

+3 post in blog sidebar (
+4 follow on Twitter (@SilverSparrow04)
+2 per tweet up to five
1 -
+1 for being Rather Lovely (SilverSparrow04)

(just another ashley) said...

+4 follow on twitter (@adgergits)
+1 for being Rather Lovely (adgergits)
+2 per tweet- once

I feel like I'm the only one not reading these books lately! Twitter or a PM on the Rath is the best way to get me.

Sandy said...

+2 per tweet up to five
2 -
3 -
Total so far: 14 or 15 xP

Catie S (Book Bound) said...

+4 follow on Twitter (@meow_mix85)
+2 per tweet up to five
+1 for being Rather Lovely (meow_mix)

4+2(4)+1 = 13 (I think.)

Starinatstars03 said...

+1 for being Rather Lovely (Star)
+2 for one RT


Sandy said...

+2 per tweet up to five
4 -


Total - 18 or 19

Jessica said...

+4 follow on twitter
+2 tweeted

briefbookreviews [at]

Books and Bliss said...

Great Contest, Thanks!!

+5 blogged-

+3 post in blog sidebar-

+4 follow on Twitter books and bliss

+2 tweeted-

+1 for being Rather Lovely -vierelements

April X said...

+4 follow on twitter (@ramen_addict)

Joy said...

+4 i follow you on twitter. (@jbkd0418)
+2 i rt you..

stormywriting said...

+2 Tweet (stormywriting)
+1 Rather Lovely (Maria)

This is an awesome contest... I should read blogs more often, cause there are some fabulous ones out there, as this visit reminded me. ;)

Unknown said...

Congrats on the followers and thanks for the great contest :)


LoonyMoonyy said...

+5 blog post

+4 twitter follower (@vacilci)
+2 tweet
+1 Rather Lovely (LoonyMoonyy)

My Life With Books - Jennifer K Jovus said...

+5 blog post about giveaway
+3 post in blog sidebar KJOVUS.BLOGSPOT.COM
+1 for being Rather Lovely KJOVUS



Kim said...

+1 for being a Rather Lovely (Kim)
+4 for being a twitter follower (BookumsxLibro)
+2 for tweeting (


Great Contest, Andrea! -crosses fingers-

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