Friday, April 2, 2010

Zephyr (2)

I feel the need to show off my baby some more. I took some more pics. She is so funny in her wheel. She runs and jumps, and she gets it going so fast she spins around. But she hides there, and peeks around. She actually looked out, pulled her head back behind the white piece, and then popped her head back out.

At night, or rather, during the day, she sleeps in my shirt. Now that it's warmer, she sleeps under it more than in it. Which creates a problem when I tried to get her out. I pull her out shirt and all, but if she's awake she grips the cage, and I can't get her. I took this picture after I put her back in her cage after playing. She wanted to sleep some more before she woke up to play. She really wakes up at midnight, and then she jumps around like crazy. But here, she's just kind of snuggling in to sleep.

I took this picture directly after the one above. I took the one above so you could see her, but I didn't like the bars, so I took this one. I almost didn't because you couldn't see her face so well. But turns out... it's my favorite picture of her. It's actually the background on my computer now.

She loves her wheel. So much. She reaches up to the bar that runs through the middle and climbs up into the top. Then she does one of two things. Sometimes she climbs out the top and crawls along the ceiling of the cage. And sometimes she just holds on and the wheel spins. She ends up upside down at the bottom of the wheel. It's her own little ride. This is my other favorite picture.


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