Sunday, April 25, 2010

Book Review: Once Dead, Twice Shy

ONCE DEAD, TWICE SHY has been sitting on my shelf for a while. I'd heard less than good things about it. So, unfortunately, I continually put it off. I'm a huge fan of Kim Harrison's adult series, The Hollows, and I decided I really did need to read this book.

I LOVED IT! It's young adult urban fantasy. Madison was attacked and killed, but she found a way, accidentally, to stay on this world. So she's been studying with Barnabas, a light reaper. Kim Harrison puts a unique twist on the reaper myth. I'm looking forward to the next book in this series: EARLY TO DEATH, EARLY TO RISE, which comes out in about a month.


My name is Madison Avery, and I'm here to tell you that there's more out there than you can see, hear, or touch. Because I'm there. Seeing it. Touching it. Living it.

Madison's prom was killer - literally. Now, thanks to a mysterious amulet, she's stuck on Earth: dead but not gone. She has no idea why the dark reaper who did her in was after her, but she's not about to just sit around and let fate take it's course. With a little skilled light-bending, the help of a light reaper (one of the good guys... maybe), her cute crush, and oh yeah, her guardian angel, Madison's ready to take control of her own destiny once and for all, before it takes control of her.

Well, if she believed in that stuff.

Be sure to check out Kim Harrison's story in PROM NIGHTS FROM HELL: "Madison Avery and the Dim Reaper". It's the first story in the Madison Avery series, but since it's a short story, it's kind of a prequel.


Tegan said...

I am going to have to buy this. Havent read one of Kims books but now its going to feel weird if I dont own them all


Kris n' Kels said...

Oh my goodness! I was really pleased with the short stories in Prom Nights From Hell, so I'm totally stoked to get this book!

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