Saturday, April 17, 2010

Manga Review: Sanctuary and Challenge

I recently discovered that I loved manga. This happens to be one of my favorite series. It's a part of the WICKED LOVELY series. It's not a re-telling in manga form; it's a completely different story.

SANCTUARY was the first one. The main character is Rika, a former winter girl. She lives in the desert. Why? Because for so long she carried the cold, she never wants to feel cold again. She is friends is Sionnach (Shy) a fox faery, and she has a thing for Jace (a human). The art is amazing and the story is great.

The story gets even better in CHALLENGE. The same characters are in this tale, but we get to see someone else we know from the main series. Jace and Rika's relationship is sweet. Maili is causing more problems than ever. And Shy, as always, is the tricky fox.

Definitly check these out, but don't forget to read the WICKED LOVELY series.!
And here is the full cover art from SANCTUARY. Shy is on the left. Then Keenan, Rika, and finally Jace.


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