Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Manga Review: Labyrinth and Dark Crystal

The fourth RETURN TO THE LABYRINTH installment hit shelves last month. It was the final volume in the series. If you're familiar with the 1980's movie Labyrinth, then this is for you. Whether or not you've seen the movie, I honestly think you'd enjoy this. However, if you have seen the movie, it will make reading these that much more enjoyable.

Even after 15 years, Jareth, the goblin king, is still in love with Sarah. And he has been keeping his eyes on the baby. Though, Toby is no longer a baby. Toby is to be the successor to King Jareth's throne. But is this high school slacker up for the job? And is Jareth being fair?

Other lovable characters show up to help along the way: Ludo, Hoggle, Didymus, the worm. "I said 'Ello." And we get to meet a few new characters as well: Hanna the wingless faery and her friend who's basically a baby Ludo.


The Goblin King has kept a watchful eye on Toby: His minions secretly guiding and protecting the child... Legions of goblins work behind the scenes to ensure that Toby has whatever his heart desires... Preparing him for the day when he will return to the Labyrinth and take his rightful place beside Jareth as the heir to the Goblin Kingdom... That day has come......but no one has told Toby.

While I enjoyed RETURN TO THE LABYRINTH, I loved LEGENDS OF THE DARK CRYSTAL. It follows Lahr and Neffi, two gelflings, whose homes and villages have been destroyed by the garthim. Again, I think this would be more enjoyable to someone who has seen and loved the film, but everyone could enjoy it. The evil Skesis are behind the garthim attacks.

If you've seen the movie, then I'm sure you remember the Skesis often saying "Hmmmmmmm". They say it a lot in these books, and I can hear their "Hmmmmmm" as though I was watching the film. These books take place before the movie, a prequel, and is set at a time when there were more geflings. Aughra and the mystics, make their appearance, of course, making this a thoroughly enjoyable series. I'm sad there's only two books.


Jessica said...

Eek! I didn't know there were Labyrinth manga. I love that movie and I need to read these. Can't say the same for the Dark Crystal though. It totally scared me as a kid and I haven't seen it since.

labyrinth movie said...

That's odd. Do you think a person that doesn't read manga, but loves the Labyrinth would enjoy these (i.e.: me)?

Name: Aine said...

I think you would. There are a lot of references from the movie, which I loved.

Adrienne said...

I didn't know they had a book bou' it!?!? I am soooo getting that book!

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