Sunday, February 14, 2010

Book Review: Tempted

I have been a huge fan of PC Cast's work for the past several years. House of Night just released it's sixth book a few months ago. And I finally got around to reading it. While I enjoy it, it is my least favorite of her four series. And what makes me dislike it a little more is that the other series are being put off because of the publishing schedule of this series, according to her blog.


TEMPTED was definitely my favorite of this series. The world has evolved a lot. Zoey, who in the past went from normal human, to fledgling vampyre, to special of the goddess Nyx, to reincarnated A-ya. It seems like there is nothing Zoey can't do. Which is interesting because she certainly messes up a lot. I guess if she can mess up and come out stronger, us average humans can. If you read my blog regularly, you know I haven't really given a bad book review. It's because I just don't have time to tell you why a book sucked. Also, we all have different ideas on what's good and what's not. And I don't want you to not read a book because I didn't like it. And as much as I enjoyed this book, and I really did, there was one thing about this book that really annoyed me...

Vamp Twitter. Out of the blue, twitter now exists in this world. And apparently, the vampyre community is on it. What the hell do vamps tweet about?

Zoey: O.M.G. I had some delicious A- last night. Not quiet as scrumptious as A+

Erik: @Zoey I much prefer B blood

Jack: @Zoey @StevieRae I know I'm a vampyre, but I just can't get over the idea of drinking blood

StevieRae: @Zoey @Erik Ya'll are both nuts. O all the way

Heath: @Zoey I'm A+. Bite me please. I'll do anything

Really? I don't buy it. That aside, the book was really good. I do recommend this series, but read her other works first. The Divine series and Partholon series are my favorites.


Anonymous said...

HA! I love the random fanboy in that twitter conversation.

I've yet to read the series. It doesn't sound appealing to me. Too many books that sound amazing, not enough time to spend reading something that sounds okay, at best. But I'll read your reviews and be amused. Lol.

Anonymous said...

LOL I love your vampire tweets. It is kinda ridiculous actually. To be honest, I read a few chapters of one of the books (I think it was Chosen) and was really thrown off by the teenspeak. I just thought it was a bit too much so I decided to skip this series. Any others you recommend by P.C. Cast?

Name: Aine said...

The first few were kinda obnoxious, but I was hoping it would get better. In some ways it has, and in some ways it hasn't. I've read 6 out of 12. I need to finish the series.

As for the "teenspeak"... in this one, Lenobia (one of the adult vampyres) actually tells them to stop arguing and being obnoxious teens. I love her.

Her other series are all really good. This one... idk... she co-writes it with her daughter. Basically, she writes it, and her daughter teens it up. I don't know what teens she knows because I don't know people who talk like this.

I do, however, have to have some love and appreciation for this series. Because of this series, her older books are getting more attention, and they deserve it. They were actually out of print and near impossible to get ahold of.

Divine Trilogy - these were amazing

Partholon Series (100 years or so after Divine trilogy) - my favorite series of hers
ELPHAME'S CHOICE (just republished by Harlequin Teen)
BRIGHID'S QUEST (soon to be republished)
CIARA'S DESTINY (not yet written. been waiting 5 years for it! she assures me it will be written)

Goddess Summoning Series (no need to read these in order)
GODDESS OF SPRING (favorite in series!)
GODDESS OF THE ROSE (kinda a Beauty and Beast retelling)

Sandy said...

Great review :D I still have and will only read the first book but your reviews I shall read.

Catie S (Book Bound) said...

I about died laughing at the Twitter convo.

I'm glad you liked it. It gives me hope, since most reviews I've seen for it weren't good.

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