Saturday, February 27, 2010

Book Review: St. Patrick's Day Tales

I went to Barnes and Noble today to pick up a book for a friend. And while I was there, I found a table of Irish tales in honor of Saint Patrick's Day next month. I ended up reading six stories, all picture books. The stories were so cute and the images so great, that I had to share. There are spoilers, but, then again, these are picture books.

KING PUCK is about a goat named Finny and his owner, Seamus. They live alone on a mountain. Well, them and the faeries. They get a little help from the faeries, and in the end, Finny is chosen as King Puck at the festival. And as a result, he gets a prize. All of my fellow book lovers will need to read this one.

The next two books are both about leprechauns. And what do we know about leprechauns? They make shoes in exchange for faery gold.

I became a fan of Tomie dePaola after reading STREGA NONA years and years ago. These next two books are great for anyone who loves a good Irish tale. Also, I love the artwork in his books.

This last story is an Irish ghost story and could be considered pretty creepy. Fergus, like several of the main characters in books already mentioned in this post, is a lazy, good-for-nothing, man. A theme in Irish tales I guess??? Anyway, he cleverly escapes death and turns himself around, leaving a good message for kids and their parents..


Sandy said...

Ooh these sounds good I love Irish anything ^_^ so yes on the list they have to go :).

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