Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Book Covers: Lament and Ballad

LAMENT: THE FAERIE QUEEN'S DECEPTION and BALLAD: A GATHERING OF FAERIE are the first two books in a series of YA Urban Fantasy by Maggie Steifvater. The first book was amazing. The second one was even more amazing. I recently found some new covers for her book and wanted to share them.

This was the original printing of LAMENT. Sadly, it was not a popular cover and caused some problems with sales. Barnes and Noble and Borders both refused to put this book on their shelves because they thought the cover was awful and would not sell. I bought a copy from Amazon. It's first edition, and I got it signed. Personally, I like the cover.

This is the reprint of the US cover. I have this copy also, because I like my books to match, and I got it 60% off from a store that was closing. This cover was redone after BALLAD got it's cover, and it's clear that these are in a series. Personally, I like the first cover better, but this one can be found in stores as Borders and Barnes and Noble found it worthy of their shelves.

These are my favorite covers. Sadly, they are in German, so I can't exactly read them. But I would love to have a copy just for the eye-candy factor. These are two of the prettiest book covers I've seen recently. The first one screams "Irish" and "faeries", and the second one is just so striking.

This last one a new release. It is LAMENT in Spanish. As you can see it is similar to the new US cover, but it has it's own unique flair. I think I like this one better than the US one, too.


Sandy said...

I agree I prefer the Lament Spanish cover over the second Lament US cover but the German covers, for both Lament and Ballad, kick all of their tushes quite royally imo.

Name: Aine said...

Maggie said the German Lament was the most gorgeous cover she has, and it's even lovlier in person. Worth the cost of shipping from German Amazon?? Might be better to just fly over there.

Sandy said...

Yeah that way we get a trip and the cover instead of just waiting for it arrive and suffering shipping fees.

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