Saturday, August 1, 2009

Book Review: The Magic Mirror of the Mermaid Queen

 Neef, the official Changeling of Central Park, has survived a life-threatening quest, but that's nothing compared to her first experiences at Changeling school. At Miss Van Loon's, she meets her counterparts from all over Manhattan, learns the basics of diplomacy, and, of course, gets in trouble. This time Neef must recover the Magic Mirror, or else New York Harbor's Mermaid Queen will turn all of the city's fresh water to salt - and everything will die.

I absolutely adored Changeling, so I was thrilled when Delia Sherman wrote a sequel, The Magic Mirror of the Mermaid Queen. Neef, the Central Park changeling of New York Inbetween is back in a second adventure. She ends up heading off to a school for changelings where she takes classes such as Mortal History, Talismans, and Questing. Sounds fun, right? Except maybe the rules... There are a thousand of them. And Neef, of course, is an avid rule breaker. But now sue must return the magic mirror to it's rightful owner, the mermaid queen.

I really enjoy Neef and her god parents... A phooka and a large white rat. The world Delia Sherman has created is fun, and it's definitely a place I'd love to explore more. I love fantasy and paranormal stories. I love seeing new and interesting twists. But I also love when authors actually use folklore without mangling it, which she does. If you enjoy faery stories, this is definitely one not to miss. 


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