Sunday, August 16, 2009

Graphic Novel Review: FABLES

FABLES is such an amazing comic. I grew up loving fairy tales. Unfortunately, I really only knew the kid or Disney versions until I got older. If you know the original tales and love them, then you will love FABLES. Bill Willingham takes fairy tale characters and puts them in modern day New York. The main characters are Snow White and Bigby Wolf, but as the story progresses, more characters are introduced. Most of them are introduced being how you would imagine. And then you get to meet them and find they are not at all what they seem. There is a spinoff series called JACK OF FABLES.

Volume 12 just came out, and I've been taking my time reading it. I devoured the first eleven and the special edition in under two weeks and the entire five JACK OF FABLES in one day. I really can't tell you how great this series is. You need to read them for yourselves.


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