Monday, July 2, 2012

Short Story Review: Far

Lesbian zombies, fucked up love and a sentient world...

Once, Mana stole back souls for a living. As a Runner, it was her job to snatch the dead out of After and spare them from a dubious future provided by a machine known as the Recycler. Through magic and will, she joined the stolen souls to their dead bodies and brought them back to "life" as Reanima. It was gruesome--and illegal--but it was business. Mana was the best Runner in the nameless city...

And then she met Far.

Far had been waiting her entire life to die. The city smothered her, and there was no way out. Far had treasonous questions about her existence, and though Mana loved Far with all her heart, love was not enough to save her.

When Far dies, Mana goes against her wishes and steals back her lover's soul, losing her own in the process. Now a Reanima and alone, Far must decide what's more important: truth, freedom, or the love of her death.

"Far" is a dark fantasy short story, just over ten thousand words in length.

I enjoyed re-reading Sugar Moon by Sarah Diemer so much, that I decided I needed to read something else by this fabulous author. Far is the second ebook I bought, so I read this one today. It's a short story, so it's a quick read, but definitely enjoyable.

Mana is a Runner who sneaks/tricks her way into After, the realm where the souls of the dead go. She steals souls back for coin and reanimates the body with it's soul. It's a way for people to get their loved ones back... temporarily. Until their body starts to decompose. Mana is able to make enough money to support her and her girlfriend, Far, because being a Runner is very dangerous.

The story picks up just after Far's death. Mana buys her body and goes into After on her most important mission. This Run isn't for money; it's to save her lover. The first chapter is from Mana's point of view, and then the following two chapters are narrated by Far. I liked that I got to read from both points of view. I wasn't sure what to think of them and their relationship until I understood it from both girls. The writing was fantastic and the story was unique. If you like zombies and/or lesbian romances, pick this one up!

I'm definitely looking forward to more from Sarah Diemer. Up next: The Dark Wife.


Midnyte Reader said...

The story *does* sound good. Sometimes short stories and/or novellas are more concise and get the points across clearer than some novels.

Živa said...

It sounds really interesting and unique, I'll have to look into this story! x

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