Sunday, July 1, 2012

Book Review: Sugar Moon

Sugar Moon

Elise sells magic, charms and dreams out the back door of her brightly painted wagon. A Witch and daughter of the Maja, she believes that everything happens for a reason, but she has never quite understood why there is a hollow feeling in the place where her heart should be.

One night, at the fabled Moon Market, she meets a stranger. The woman's name is Via, and in a single night, love finds Elise; for the first time in her young life, she feels no emptiness.

But Elise's past is catching up with her. In the dark of night and burn of day, the Fevered turn their soulless faces in her direction, changing course. They hunt her, intent on devouring her light.

SUGAR MOON is the first novella in the MAJA Trilogy.

I picked up Sugar Moon by Sarah Diemer because it sounded like something a lovely pagan, such as myself, should read. While I love witchy tales (including Harry Potter, The Hollows, and the Caster Chronicles), there is a distinct lack of witchy tales that are true to the Pagan religion. Most are about waving wands and reciting incantations. And don't get me wrong, I enjoy that, but it isn't what paganism is about. So, perhaps, I should call this pagan fiction. Not witchy fiction.

The main character, Elise, lives her life traveling in a bandyloo (to the right is a picture of what I imagined it looking like) which is pulled by her sweet pony, Matilda. Whenever she comes to a Keep she leaves offerings for her goddess. But the evil which killed her mother is back. The Fevered. 

The Maja ask her to be their representative among a group of magical races to figure out how to defeat the Fevered once and for all. There are five other magical races: Virtue, Elemental, Austere, Shifter, and Hedgewic. They all come together at a Kindred House which are traditionally tended to by the Maja. But this one has long been abandoned and is in disrepair. 

Elise is very independent, and she loves the open road, traveling further than most Maja. The idea of tending a Kindred House is something she can't fathom, but she agrees nonetheless. She's young and single and not really interested in love. Until she meets Via. She falls hard and fast, even knowing that she may only have one night with her. I loved this book, so much so, that I recently re-read it. I'm still looking forward to reading Marrow Moon, when it’s available, as well as some of Sarah Diemer’s other stuff.

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