Sunday, January 2, 2011

January 2011 Reads

I've been getting a lot of requests recently to read and review books, which is very exciting to me. And I'm trying to reach my 100 books in a year goal, which I've successfully completed the past two years. So I'm trying to plan my reads out a bit to fit in books I've been asked to review.

I'm still trying to finish ASH by Malinda Lo. I've been reading it for a while now. Which is sad, because it's really an amazing book. I just need to make time for reading. And I'm really looking forward to HUNTRESS coming this Spring.

I also need to finish House of Night book 7, BURNED by PC and Kristin Cast. I seem to finish each book, just as the next one comes out.

One of the first books I'll be reading in January is by my favorite author. COUNTERFEIT MAGIC is the second novella Kelley Armstrong has done with Subterranean Press. This one features Paige. They may run out at any time, as it's limited, so order yours now.

The fourth book to one of my favorite series recently hit shelves. MY SOUL TO STEAL by Rachel Vincent looks to be fantastic. I love her use of lore with the bean sidhe. If you haven't read them, check out MY SOUL TO TAKE first.

A book that I was asked to review is called LOGIC OF DEMONS: THE QUEST FOR NADINE'S SOUL by H A Goodman. It's gotten good reviews, so I'm excited.

THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS AND WHAT ALICE FOUND THERE is a classic tale I hope to read this month. I read the first of Lewis Carroll's Alice stories last month.

Another book I've been asked to review is SOLID by Shelley Workinger. This looks to be an interesting read. It's paranormal YA, but seems very different from anything I've read. Hopefully, I can figure out how to download this to my new iPad.

THE IRON DAUGHTER by Julie Kagawa is on my list of books to read in January. I started it before a signing with Julie, but didn't get very far. I miss my Puck.

THE POISON EATERS by Holly Black has been on my shelf since it's release. It is literally the only thing of hers that I have not read. So I want to get that done this month. I miss her writing and needs something to tide me over until RED GLOVE.

The last book I hope to get to is NIGHTSHADE by Andrea Cremer. I feel like it's a crime that I haven't read this since I got an ARC months before it came out.

And for my book club, I need to read HALO by Alexandra Adorenetto. I got this one for Christmas!

I also hope to pick xxxHOLiC back up. I read the first five manga, and have the next nine on my shelf. I need to reread and then keep going. So if I get all of those books read, I'll be 10% of the way to my goal, and that's not counting the manga. Wish me luck!


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