Sunday, October 31, 2010

Meeting Authors: Maggie Stiefvater and Jackson Pearce

Today was one of the best days ever! Fountain Bookstore in Richmond Virginia was hosting a Halloween event with Maggie Stiefvater (author of LAMENT, BALLAD, SHIVER, LINGER, and FOREVER) and Jackson Pearce (author of AS YOU WISH, SISTERS RED, and SWEETLY). I've met Maggie a few times. And she is always a delight. Jackson was very funny also, which I know from her vlogs. 

They were late as Maggie's car died on they way. Meaghan looked up awful Halloween jokes to keep us entertained. And when Susan returned with Maggie and Jackson, Maggie offered her dead car as the first door prize.

The two of them together... OMG! They were hilarious together. Lots of joking and teasing. They talked a bit about why they wrote werewolves, and, apparently, they both hate horror movies.

Maggie said she wrote a werewolf short story for a contest, and she had gotten the idea after a dream. She also said she doesn't really consider them werewolves. They are shapeshifters and while they are human, they are human. While they are wolves, they are just wolves. And I completely get what she's saying because they are very much unlike other werewolves.

Jackson said that she wanted to write scary, killer werewolves because so many of the werewolves being written aren't. They are normal guys who tend to turn into wolves, play the guitar, work at bookstores and... more teasing Maggie.

While at the signing I picked up toxic mold. Really. Look below. I also won a gift card to Fountain Bookstore. Woot! more books. It was the first of two prizes from the store.

Then Maggie and Jackson pulled out their prizes! They gave away 1 prize to each name drawn. Lucky for us, there were not a bunch of people there. To be honest, I was very surprised. I thought for sure there'd be more people. Prizes included: SISTERS RED audio CD, Japanese SHIVER, a wolf book annotated by Maggie, SWEETLY arc (sequel to SR, first to be given, and it has an awesome cover), folklore tarot, US ARMY WEREWOLF SNIPER MANUAL, and a few more things. Then... the final prize! They put my name back in the basket because I won the drawing for Fountain Bookstore. Which means there were about four names in the basket. And they drew me again. I won this! *points below* The absolutely coolest thing I've ever won!!!

The adorable, Sam Roth... my biggest YA crush. He plays the guitar and works at a bookstore.

His girl Grace. Maybe now I won't keep forgetting she's a blonde.

My favorite female character, Isabel. 

And Cole... poor Cole... who has no clothes to color in.

And what is that Cole is hiding behind?

Since all of my Maggie books are signed, I brought KISS ME DEADLY which has a short story by her. And I bought AS YOU WISH and SISTERS RED both by Jackson Pearce. And pictured with the books, the event ticket. 

Jackson: Have you read them?
Me: No.
Jackson: *pouts* You don't need them signed then. *pushes books away* 
Me: Hehehe
Jackson: Kidding. I know you'll read it eventually.


BookChic said...

It was an awesome signing, but I wish I had said more to Jackson. I was so excited to meet her and then I like clammed up- all I said was Hi and how to sign the books (ARCs to me, As You Wish PB generically for giveaway). Le sigh. But I did get a picture! YAY! My recap should be up soon... I have to pester Susan for the pictures she took.

Akoss said...

I must say I got very jealous. But I'm glad you won and enjoyed yourself soooo much. :)

Sandy said...

Well you gotta read them now haha. After meeting the awesome Ms. Pearce and since the books are great. Maybe they can be a book club read :)

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