Sunday, June 13, 2010

Meeting Authors: Elizabeth Scott, Kieran Scott, and Jenny Han (and contest)

I had the pleasure of meeting Kieran Scott, Jenny Han, and Elizabeth Scott yesterday.

Kieran Scott has written several novels. And she has written many books that you may not know about. She uses the penname Kate Brian to write the Private series, Privilege series, and more. She also uses Emma Harrison where she has written a few novels as well, including SNOW QUEEN. Her new book, SHE'S SO DEAD TO US is based on a place she lived in. A place where one side of town is wealthy and one side is poor, but all of the kids go to the same school. She wondered how they would interact, and she drew on a time in her life where her family was not as well off to get it right.

When she writes as Kieran Scott, it's all her. But the Kate Brian books are more of a collaborative effort as four books come out each year. She has less say in the events. Which, as an aspiring writer, would drive me nuts. I'm curious, though, to compare Kate books to Kieran books to see how different they are. I thought her new book, SHE'S SO DEAD TO US, sounded good, and I almost bought it. Glad I didn't... because each author drew a number to give a book away, and she pulled number 6... my number!!!

And in exciting news, ABC Family is looking at making either a made-for-TV movie or television show based on MEGAN MEADE'S GUIDE TO THE McGOWAN BOYS. She said she's excited to see who they cast as the boys.

Jenny Han's family is from Korea. She said that growing up she was always very interested in her friend's parents and learning about growing up in America in the 60's. She got her master's in writing for children. She started SHUG about a twelve-year-old girl while still in school, and was on the road to getting it published before graduation. Her second novel was pretty dark, and it was recommended that it not be her second novel, so she went with THE SUMMER I TURNED PRETTY, the first in a trilogy.

Her new novel, IT'S NOT SUMMER WITHOUT YOU, was recently released. And according to Jenny, the third novel will jump time and start with the main character, Belly, at age 20, which seems to follow a new theme in YA fiction... main characters in their 20's to draw in a slightly older crowd of readers. She has a new series coming out for younger kids. The first one is called CLARA LEE AND THE APPLE PIE DREAM

Elizabeth Scott says her favorite thing about writing is that she gets to make stuff up and gets paid for it. Which is funny because she said that she spent most of her life avoiding creative writing. She said her only creative writing experience in college was a story about a girl who was forced to write a short story. Elizabeth said she only learned she enjoyed writing when she was in a staff meeting and should have been taking notes, but didn't want to take notes. She said it started as doodling, then words, and then a story. I'm certainly glad she decided she liked to write.

And probably one of the most disturbing things I've ever heard... You may or may not know about her story LIVING DEAD GIRL. I reviewed it a while back. It's about a little girl who is kidnapped and sexually abused by her kidnapper. It's a horrifying story, but wonderfully written. Anyway, she said she's gotten so many letters over the years asking if that was something that happened to her. She said that when she writes back that, no it didn't happen, people react in a way that is disappointed... like they wish it was based on something real. That really concerns me... because my reaction is relief, because no one should have to go through that.
And now for the contest...
For those who follow me on Twitter, you may have heard this. I bought two copies of THE UNWRITTEN RULE when it came out because Elizabeth Scott was holding a contest. My name will appear in her next Simon Pulse book for participating. I'm excited. This will be the second time my name appeared in the acknowledgements of a book, the first being RADIANT SHADOWS! Anyway, I promised that I would hold a contest for the second copy, and it is signed. Open to US only.

To enter, please answer the following question: In THE UNWRITTEN RULE, one friend crushes on her best friend's boyfriend. What unwritten rule have you ever broken?

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And the winner is... Shannon! Congrats!


Sara said...

First off, I'm so freaking excited about a tv show based on MEGAN'S GUIDE! I read it a really long time ago, but it was really good!

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ally said...

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throuthehaze said...

I once dated my ex-boyfriend's best friend.

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throuthehaze at gmail dot com

Tegan said...

old follower
follow on twitter

literati_rain66 said...

A: Well, I suppose the one "unwritten rule" I still feel weird about breaking is this one- When I was in junior high, my best friend told me she wanted to kill herself. She told me how, etc. I went home from school with a heavy heart, and wrestled with myself for two days. In the end I wrote a letter to her sister, explaining what my friend had told me. I couldn't NOT do something, but I still feel weird about betraying her trust. She confided in me, and I told. I just have to trust that it was the right thing to do.

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Thanks dear!

Tegan said...

Take 3?

What unwritten rule have I broken? (right)

Mmm. I can't really think of anything. i am a pretty honest friend. One thing that i regret is calling one of my bestfriends smashed and leaving a message on her phone. "You know what you should break up with your boy friend your not happy with him." but i dont know it that is a bad thing.

Stoled a book from a friend kinda by accednt. I had them on my self down stairs and I wasnt thinkig when I put them down there cause i've had them for 6months. and I had the other three books on my shelf. (all my books are by size. so the books i kept looke better on the shelf down stairs)

i feel really bad about that.

There I think i got it...

Way too many kids here.

Crazy for words said...

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I wanted to post that first to give you a heart attack that someone else didn't answer the question... ^_^

I went over to my ex's house after we were already broken up AND he was dating my friend... and proceeded to kiss him. Mhmm... Needless to say we stopped talking after that.

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