Sunday, September 27, 2009

Book Review: World of Faerie Deluxe

Up in the top left corner of my blog you'll see my original Wendy Froud dolls. They've been my prized possessions since I got them (FaerieCon 2007 and FaerieCon 2008). But now I have a third prized possession. The one thing I wanted more than anything is an original Brian Froud piece of art. While my goal is to get a big piece that is in color, this is almost as good.

With the WORLD OF FAERIE Deluxe book, you get a couple of things. There's stuff added in the actual book. You get another book by Brian Froud (my favorite faery artist). There is a small sculpture of the green man, based on his work. And an original Brian Froud sketch. All of this comes in a clothbound portfolio. I have a few of his sketches that he did when he signed my books. But nothing this detailed. I took a picture of it and you can see it below. I need to have it framed because it is really amazing.


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