Monday, January 20, 2014

Book Review: The Keeper

Abisina is ready to assume the role of Keeper that has been her destiny, leading the future of the Watersmeet community. But the survival of the land depends on the north and south - the centaurs, dwarves, fairies, humans, and fauns - joining together to confront a gathering evil. The rift that opened in the Mountains Eternal has continued to spew forth terrible creatures: uberwolves, leviathan-birds, minotaurs. Abisina knows that the most challenging creature of all has arrived - though what shape it will take is still a mystery.

She sets out to bring the folk together to confront this unknown evil, but the land has never been more divided. As she faces hostile centaurs, ambitious fairies, the destruction of the only home she's ever known, and separation from those who love her, Abisina doubts if she has the strength to be the leader that everyone needs. Even the power of the Keeper's necklace doesn't seem to be enough - and when that is taken from her, she's left on the brink of hopelessness. Can Abisina's faith in the power of love, acceptance, and unity that she's learned from her friends and family survive this final test?

The Keeper is the third book in Ellen Jensen Abbott's Watersmeet trilogy. It's a high fantasy adventure with humans, dwarves, centaurs, fauns, fairies, minotaurs, and more.

Abisina is on a quest to unite Watersmeet with the other lands both north and south of the mountains. They've been separated for so long and are opposed to be one people that Abisina certainly has her work cut out for her. As if that isn't enough, the big bad is back, and he's determined to win once and for all.

Abisina has her friends and allies, but not all are to be trusted. She's separated from family and concerned for their safety. Parts of this story are touching and parts are terribly sad. Not everyone lives to see if Abisina succeeds in her mission.

I really enjoyed the conclusion to this wonderful story. I'd been waiting for well over a year for it. It certainly doesn't disappoint. I couldn't put this down and gobbled it up in only a day. I'm going to miss Abisina, Watersmeet, and all of the friends I met along this journey. If you haven't read this treasure, be sure to pick up a copy soon. At least you won't have to wait in between novels.


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