Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 Reading List

Here is my list for 2012: start Jan 1 and end Dec 31.

N = Novel
Na = Novella
M = Manga
GN = Graphic Novel
A = Anthology

Short Stories are listed at the bottom


1. Never to Sleep by Rachel Vincent (Na)
2. The Secret Circle 3: The Power by L Smith (N)
3. Static by Tawny Stokes (N)
4. GunShy by Seleste deLaney (Na)
5. Clockwork Prince by Cassandra Clare (N)
6. Wonderstruck by Brian Selznick (GN)
7. Nightshade by Andrea Cremer (N)
8. Wolfsbane by Andrea Cremer (N)
9. Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher (N)
10. Bloodrose by Andrea Cremer (N)
11. Will Grayson, Will Grayson by John Green and David Levithan (N)


12. Dragons Don't Dance (beta-read) by Julie Particka Kulmb (N)
13. The Calling by Kelley Armstrong (N)
14. Everblue by Brenda Pandos (N)
15. Feyland: The Dark Realm by Anthea Sharp (N)
16. The Strange Case of Finley Jayne by Kady Cross (Na)
17. Black Butler volume 8 by Yana Toboso (M)


18. A Perfect Blood by Kim Harrison (N)
19. Trees by Harry Behn
20. Huntress by Malinda Lo (N)
21. Bitterblue by Kristin Cashore (N)


22. Black Heart by Holly Black (N)
23. Across the Universe by Beth Revis (N)
24. Magic Night by Isobelle Carmody
25. Polly and the Pirates volume 2 by Ted Naifeh (GN)
26. Cinderella: Fables are Forever by Chris Roberson (GN)
27. Jack of Fables volume 8 by Bill Willingham (GN)
28. X-Men: Worlds Apart by Christopher Yost (GN)


29. Black Panther: Civil War by Reginald Hudlin (GN)
30. Black Panther: The Deadliest of the Species by Reginald Hudlin (GN)
31. The Unnaturalists by Tiffany Trent (N)
32. Black Panther: Little Green Men by Reginald Hudlin (GN)
33. X-Men/Black Panther: Wild Kingdom by Peter Milligan (GN)
34. Shift by Jeri Smith-Ready (N)
35. Wintergirls by Laurie Halse Anderson (N)
36. Darkest Powers: Dangerous, Divided, and Disenchanted by Kelley Armstrong (A)


37. Purity by Jackson Pearce (N)
38. Sirenz by Charlotte Bennardo and Natalie Zaman (N)
39. Keeping You a Secret by Julie Anne Peters (N)
40. Grl2grl 2 by Julie Anne Peters (Na)
41. Elemental by Brigid Kemmerer (Na)
42. City of Lost Souls by Cassandra Clare (N)
43. Forsaken by Katherine Langrish (Na)
44. Codename: Sailor V, vol 1 by Naoko Takeuchi (M)
45. The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater (N)


46. Sugar Moon by Sarah Diemer (Na)
47. Sirenz Back in Fashion by Charlotte Bennardo and Natalie Zaman (N)
48. Evergreen by Brenda Pandos (N)
49. The Dark Wife by Sarah Diemer (N)
50. Thirteen by Kelley Armstrong (N)
51. Before I Wake by Rachel Vincent (N)


52. Shine by Jeri Smith-Ready (N)
53. Magic Under Glass by Jaclyn Dolamore (N)
54. Storm by Brigid Kemmerer (N)
55. The Big Green Book by Robert Graves (illus by Maurice Sendak)
56. The Secret Year by Jennifer Hubbard (N)
57. The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore by William Joyce
58. Hunger by Jackie Morse Kessler (N)
59. The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein
60. Frankenstein by Rick Walton
61. Rampant by Diana Peterfreudn (N)


62. Avatar: The Last Airbender: The Promise, vol 1 by Gene Luen Yang (GN)
63. Avatar: The Last Airbender: The Promise, vol 2 by Gene Luen Yang (GN)
64. Sorcerers & Secretaries, vol 1 by Amy Kim Ganter (M)
65. Mangaman by Barry Lyga (GN)
66. The DUFF by Kody Keplinger (N)
67. Skulduggery Pleasant by Derek Landy (N)
68. Little (Grrl) Lost by Charles de Lint (N)
69. The Fairy-Tale Detectives by Michael Buckley (N)
70. Sorcerers & Secretaries, vol 2 by Amy Kim Ganter (M)
71. Kiss of Death by Seleste deLaney (N)
72. The Goose Girl by Shannon Hale (N)


73. Ice by Sarah Beth Durst (N)
74. Annie on my Mind by Nancy Garden (N)
75. Feyland: The Bright Court by Anthea Sharp (N)
76. Bound by Sophie Oak (N)
77. The Silver Chair by CS Lewis (N)
78. Make a Wish! by Miranda Jones (N)
79. The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky (N)
80. It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown by Charles Shulz
81. Salt Water Taffy: The Legend of Old Salty by Matthew Loux (GN)

82. Avatar: The Last Airbender: The Promise, vol 2 by Gene Luen Yang (GN)
83. The Adventures of a Brownie by Dinah Mulock Craik (N)
84. Aidan of Oren: The Journey Begins by Alan St. Jean (N)
85. The Last Battle by CS Lewis (N)
86. My Faith in Frankie by Mike Carey (GN)
87. Matched by Ally Condie (N)


88. Amityville Horrible by Kelley Armstrong (Na)
89. The Pearl Wars by Nick James (N)
90. Double Trouble by Miranda Jones
91. Birthmarked by Caragh O'Brien (N)
92. The Walking Dead, vol 1 by Robert Kirkman (GN)
93. Forbidden by Kelley Armstrong (Na)
94. One Solstice Night by Elora Bishop (Na)
95. The Dark Woods by Sarah and Jennifer Diemer (A)
96. A Puff of Pink by Miranda Jones
97. The Eternity Code by Eoin Colfer (N)
98. Winnie-the-Pooh by AA Milne (N)
99. Castle Magic by Miranda Jones
100. Splendors and Glooms by Laura Amy Schlitz (N)
101. Feyland: The Twilight Kingdom by Anthea Sharp (N)

Short Stories

1. "Yes Alana, There is a Santa Claus" by Seleste deLaney
2. "Christmas in Chains" by Seleste deLaney
3. "Devil's Bargain" by Seleste deLaney
4. "What Have I Done" by Seleste deLaney
5. "The Cost of Love" by Seleste deLaney
6. "Just a Man" by Seleste deLaney
7. "Shift River Scene" by Jeri Smith-Ready
8. "Forever" by Jeri Smith-Ready
9. "Dangerous" by Kelley Armstrong
10. "Divided" by Kelley Armstrong
11. "Disenchanted" by Kelley Armstrong
12. "V-Plates" by Kelley Armstrong
13. "The New Guy" by Kelley Armstrong 14. "Off-Duty Angel" by Kelley Armstrong
15. "A Question of Power" by Cassandra Clare
16. "The Act of Falling" by Cassandra Clare
17. “Far” by Sarah Diemer
18. “The Witch Sea” by Sarah Diemer
19. "From Russia with Love" by Kelley Armstrong
20. “Crow Roads” by Charles de Lint
21. “Seek” by Sarah Diemer
22. “Our Lady of Wolves” by Sarah Diemer
23. “We Grow Accustomed to the Dark” by Sarah Diemer
24. "The Forever Star" by Sarah Diemer
25. "Belonging" by Kelley Armstrong
26. "Hallow's Eve" by Sarah Diemer
27. "Once Upon a Hallow's Eve" by Sarah Diemer
28. "Click-Clack the Rattlebag" by Neil Gaiman
29. "Trouble on the Reserve" by Kim Harrison
30. "Holly and the Winter Queen" by Sarah Diemer


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