Sunday, June 24, 2012

Book Giveaway: grl2grl 2 (+ mini-review)

Readers are immersed into the minds and hearts of lesbian, bisexual, transgender, gay, queer, and questioning young people in this new collection of short fictions, grl2grl 2.

In the first story, "Give Me a D", a young lesbian's need to hide and lie about her sexuality spills over into every aspect of her life as bitterness and blame.

The second story, "Her Secret Life" shows a different perspective of coming out to family as lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender.

The third story, "Blessings and Miracles," is a seasonal story of love, joy, giving and receiving.

Everything I've read by Julie Anne Peters has been amazing, so when I found these three short stories at Smashwords, I had to grab them. grl2grl 2 is the second anthology she's done. The first one - grl2grl - you can find in book format, but this one is ebook only.

The first two stories were short, but they left a definite impact, showing the struggle that women go through admitting their sexuality. The third story was my favorite. It was longer than the first two combined. It showed a very sweet relationship between two girls and some of the issues they face in relation to the one's family.

And now for a giveaway! I'm giving away one of these three stories. Your choice! Fill out this form to be entered. The giveaway is open internationally. You must be 13 or older to enter.


Reeshe said...

I read the first book to this one thanks to your blog and I would like to thank you because this was a wonderful and very inspiring book, I love it, it touched a nerve or 2 but I am that this actor willing wrote about this things and I wish more would read these books so that they can understand that not everyone has it easy and the struggle will continue so long as people don't realize what they do to other, even if it is just meaning less words. I wished a bit to hear more on the first story in that book, I think it would make a wonderful book.
Thanks again

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