Sunday, June 26, 2011

Book Review: I Wish...

All she ever wanted was a chance to settle down in one place.

Thistle Nettlebottom knows her life isn't exactly normal. She travels the country with her secretive mother and bestselling author grandmother in a pink RV going from book signings to crazy research trips. She's never been to public school or had a boyfriend, but she can pick a lock and hotwire a car. One day the phone rings and they set a course to a tiny town that's not on any maps. Suddenly, Thistle finds her whole life changing.

She's finally found the home she's been searching for.

Thistle soon realizes that Desire isn't like other towns and she's not like other girls. The family she trusted has lied to her about everything her entire life and the things she doesn't know about herself could cost her everything. Her legacy as one of the most powerful witches the town has ever seen has made her enemies that have been waiting patiently for a chance to destroy her. Thistle needs to learn to use her powers to protect herself before they succeed.

Be careful what you wish for.

Thistle has a power unique even among the magic wielding witches of Desire. She can wish things into existence. At first she enjoys the freedom of having everything her heart desires, but she soon realizes that her power comes at a terrible price. She's losing her grip on her sanity at a time when she can't afford any weakness. Her enemies are closing in quickly, but she might not have the strength to save herself.

I got my hands on I Wish… when the author, Wren Emerson, was gifting them for simply asking. And it’s been on my iPad waiting to be read. I finally got a chance to start it, and before I knew it, I was almost done.

Thistle has no idea who she really is. She doesn’t know her real name, who her father is, or where she comes from. All she knows is that her grandmother is strict, her mother is emotionless, and her training with Shep. Thistle wants to know who she is and where she came from, which pulled me right in. I was instantly curious. It’s not long before they are heading for Desire, the town her family is from. Thistle’s great grandmother is ill.

She receives an almost hostile welcome, as she meets family who she didn’t even know existed. Even in town, when she introduces herself by her real name, people regard her cruelly. But only the women. This definitely kept me reading. I liked Thistle instantly, and, being on her side, I had to know why.

She meets Ben, who likes her until he finds out her true name. But, even then, he can’t help but be drawn to her. And then Evan, who is from a rival family, also takes a liking to Thistle. I enjoyed her scenes with both boys, very much. My vote would go to Ben! I found myself frustrated by her family quite a bit. Many of them hate her instantly, assuming things in a very unfair manner. And on top of that, the family who lied to her, share things with her a bit at a time and don’t prepare her at all for the issues she has to face.

Being a fan of folklore, I loved the mention of the Monkey’s Paw. And, of course, I enjoy “witchy” stories. My biggest complaint was the way one scene switched to another abruptly. One minute she was here, and the next paragraph, a week had passed. I felt the ending was also rater abrupt. I turned the page, and… that was it. But all in all, it was a really fun story, and I can’t wait for the second book in The Witches of Desire series.

Be sure to add it to your Goodreads and visit Wren Emerson’s site, where you can read an excerpt of I Wish…


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