Friday, November 5, 2010

Cover Love: Wolfsbane

Have you read NIGHTSHADE? It's okay if you haven't. It's on my TBR also.

And it doesn't take having read the book to love the covers. Here is the cover for WOLFSBANE, the sequel to NIGHTSHADE.

What do you all think of it? Personally, it's probably my favorite YA cover ever!


Kat said...

I've never read Nightshade, either, and I feel kinda out-of-the-loop for not managing to snag it yet. But the covers for both Nightshade and Wolfsbane are beautiful, agreed. :)

Sandy said...

I haven't read Nightshade and its because the cover turned me off, I didn't like it and I couldn't understand why so many people did. I felt guilty for judging a book by its cover but now I've been told what happens in it and about the MC and I know I wouldn't like it so guilt is gone. This cover though I really love. Not my favourite YA cover, Darkest Mercy probably holds that position for me xD.

Name: Aine said...

Aww... I love the artist who did both. Her name is Suza Scalora. I have an art book of hers. She mainly does faeries... a least that I've seen.

As far as the Wicked Lovely series goes, WL is still my favorite cover. I think DM is second.

Sandy said...

Hmm I'll have to check her out, maybe I'll like her faerie stuff I just didn't like the Nightshade cover.

WL is either second or third for me because I'm not sure if I love it or Ink more.

Joanna said...


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