Monday, July 5, 2010

Book and Movie Review: Eclipse

So… I’d been wanting to read ECLIPSE by Stephenie Meyer before I saw the movie. And then all of the sudden, June 30 showed up. So I picked the book up last Friday and finished it Saturday.

The book was perhaps better than the previous two. Of course, I read those before the first movie hit theaters, so it’s kinda hard to compare. I’d heard negative things about Jacob in this installment, but I loved him. Or, well, I, at least, liked him more than Edward, who continues to be pushy. While he was not as creepy in this book, he was all about getting what he wants before Bella. Basically, she must marry him before he will turn her and sleep with her. Someone tweeted this the other day, and it made my day:

"Dear Confused Teen Girls: someone who sparkles and won't have sex with you isn't a vampire; it's a gay guy."

And another one I found today.

"Voldemort is truly evil. He turned Cedric Diggory into Edward Cullen."

Going to the movies to see this was an interesting experience. I took my roommates son who’ll be 12 next month. He loved the movie because it’s vampires and werewolves, and what could be cooler than that? There is a sad lapse of vampires in kid movies. I assure his mom there was no blood. Vampires and no blood… WTF, right?

So, we’re standing in line… The teen boy in front of us was talking with a friend, who was behind us. He said Eclipse was great, but he cried and told his friend to have tissues handy. Um… these were 15-year-old guys. Last time I checked guys didn’t cry in movies, or at the very least, they didn’t admit to it. Also, I didn’t cry… didn’t even tear up, and I’ve been pretty weepy lately. Despite the long line to get tickets, and everyone talking about Eclipse, the theater was pretty sparse. I’d say 40-50 people. Mostly couples in their 40’s. And I do have to admit, this movie was a lot better than the previous ones. Not sure why there are reviews saying this was the worst. It was far less cheesy, though it did have their moments.

And anyone who knows what teen Twilight/R-Patt fans are like, are usually prepared for the squealing. There were a few comments made during the film… by grown men. It was odd. Considering the comments… very odd. Thankfully, there was no audience excitement in seeing Jacob shirtless, because, well… he was always shirtless. But who would complain?

Another interesting experience… watching a movie with a kid who hadn’t seen the previous ones. We are going to fix that, however. Also, he tends to ask questions anyway, instead of waiting for them to get answered on their own. He’ll ask, “What happened?” and then miss his answer because he was too busy asking. The highlight of his comments.

A: What’s wrong with his (Edward’s) face? (The glittery effects aren’t so great)

Me: He sparkles.

A: What?

Me: He sparkles in the sun.

A: I thought vampires caught fire or blew up in the sun.

Me: They usually do.

A: So he sparkles?

Me: Yes.

A: Just the good ones sparkle?

Me: No, in this series all vampires sparkle in the sun.

A: Oh… that’s stupid.

Me: *nods*

What bothered me most… Edward’s sideburns. If he shaved them off, he’d look ten times better. The best part… Jacob’s lines. He had some funny ones. Charlie had some funny lines, too. I loved how they revealed Rosalie and Jasper’s pasts. I felt like we knew less of them than the other Cullen’s. It really makes you see them in a different light. Alice, though, remains my favorite in the series.

And as much as I like Bryce Dallas Howard, after seeing the film, I’m even more annoyed that they replaced Rachelle Lefevre as Victoria. I loved Bree. Why? She was barely in the film. The girl they cast was so adorable, and even though I knew what was coming, it made me sad. I almost hoped they had changed that part. Apparently, she’s 16. I would have guessed 13 or 14. Now, I kinda want to read THE SHORT SECOND LIFE OF BREE TANNER.


Karen said...

Great review - I'm thinking I'll wait to see this when the squeeing slows down a little :-)
It's funny how each person sees the books differently - I think it's Jacob who's pushy not respecting what Bella wants. Honestly - either guy has issues as a boyfriend and I'm more bothered by her reactions to them than how they act with her :-) When I read the books I just had to let all that go and just enjoy it for what it was....
Love your blog btw - follow you on twitter but it's the 1st time visiting the blog!

Heather (Book-Savvy) said...

I think you hit it spot-on. Great reviews!

Name: Aine said...

@Karen, Welcome to my blog. I don't know if I've posted any since you started following me. Except the SHIVER contest.

I think it depends on which fandom you're in. And Jacob is kinda pushy, but that's because Bella is being dishonest. Once Bella admits her feelings for him, any pushiness goes away.

Unknown said...

oh my gosh! that's the little girl that came out as a crazy evil demon chick on Supernatural!!

That is all ;)

Karen said...

This is my first time here!
Bella annoys me, Edward is a stalker and Jacob is a brat.......but I love them all and the books anyway!! lol
It's just one of those series that gets everyone riled up I guess.
I loved that twitter funny
Good luck geting to 150 - your not too far away!

Steph said...

I have seen Eclipse 2x now -- once with friends on opening day and with my husband this afternoon. Saw on Twitter u are trying to get to 150 so I am signing up to follow you. Hope you'll come by my blog. I am working to get to 200.
Fangs, Wands and Fairy Dust

Sandy said...

Great review, the dialogue between you and A was funny haha. Now I wonder if my brother knows they sparkle, he wants to see Eclipse but hasn't seen the first two movies either.

Oh I also love your new layout! Surprised you changed it again so soon but its beautiful.

Eclipse said...

ah ah ah totally funny review. This movie is so silly, but I can't help but watching it... Every time a new one comes out it's like - oh god, another one.. well, better go hit the cinema... ;) Now seriously, I love the whole concept, glowing vemps or not. And I absolutely love Bree. She's so cute.

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