Saturday, March 14, 2009

Book Review: The Seraph of Sorrow and Hunted

I just read THE SERAPH OF SORROW (Jennifer Scales, weredragon, book 4). This is the YA (young adult) series by MaryJanice Davidson (also writes: Betsy the Vamp Queen, Wyndham Werewolves, and Fred the Mermaid). If you like her other stuff, you will love Jennifer. It's my favorite series of hers. Jennifer Scales is a weredragon. Like a werewolf, only Jennifer grows scales and wings instead of hair. These books are funny, and I hihgly recommend them. One of my favorite series.

I recently bought the book, HUNTED (House of Night, book 5), by PC and Kristin Cast. Loving it so far. It's better than the previous 4 in the series. PC's other stuff is way better, but these are fun. What I like about this is even though it's YA and vamps (which has been done a thousand times), her vamp mythology is very different than many. For one... they follow the goddess, Nyx... and they are not soulless. They are marked as fledglings and are basically taught how to be a vampyre.


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